[SKIN TEASER] Dark Star Thresh & Varus

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[UPDATE: On the PBE as of the 6/1 PBE UPDATE! ]

Teasers for the upcoming legendary (1820 RP) DARK STAR THRESH and 1350 RP DARK STAR VARUS skins are  circulating on Riot's social media!
Continue reading for more information and look for these new skins in the upcoming 6.12 PBE cycle!

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Dark Star Thresh

The video original circulated all over social media (including various regional LoL FB and Twitter pages) but is now unloaded on the official Riot Games youtube:

The primary LoL facebook post confirmed the skin as Dark Star ThreshRiot Ve1vet has confirmed this is a legendary (1820 tier) skin.

The brief video features a large hook extending out of a "dark star" and the head of Dark Star Thresh:
"Can you feel it?
Your future, torn away.
There is no escape, only oblivion."
Here's a few screengrabs:
Here's a 1920 x 1080 version of the DARK STAR THRESH teaser image:

A brief in-game Dark Star Thresh teaser was also published on the League of Legends instagram! Here's a youtube mirror of that preview, featuring DS Thresh recalling:

Here's a turnaround from KateyKhaos on twitter:

Dark Star Varus

Another teaser for an upcoming DARK STAR VARUS skin is also up on the official LoL Instagram! This skin has been confirmed by Riot Ve1vet to be 1350 RP tier!

Here's a youtube mirror of the Instagram video teaser: 

Here's a turnaround from KateyKhaos on twitter: 

Look for these new skins in the 6.12 PBE cycle!

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