Red Post Collection: LCP Ep. 17 - Inside Taric Dev, Nautilus Reef Project, LCS Spring Finals Bundles, Taric Q&A on 4/13, & more

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Tonight's red post collection includes a new League Community podcast focused on Taric's development, a look at new LCS Spring Finals bundles available through the 19th, a heads up that a Taric Q&A will start on April 13th, an update on Oceania's Nautilus Reef project, and more!
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League Commuity Podcast Ep 17: Inside Taric Dev with the designers 

A new episode of the League community podcast is here! Episode 17 dives into Taric's champion update with Riot Repertoir , Glorft, and HUGEnFAST!
"Welcome to the latest installment of the League Community Podcast, a series in which we take you behind-the-scenes with the people who help make League possible. Expect new guests and new stories every couple of weeks or so, and make sure to hit us with those sweet comments and ratings so we can keep striving toward a Challenger tier podcast. 
This week, designer David “RiotRepertoir” Capurro, writer George “Glorft” Krstic, and concept artist Josh “HUGEnFAST” Smith share the behind-the-scenes story on updating the Shield of Valoran."

For more on the Taric champion update, check out our PBE coverage!

Taric Q&A on April 13th

I hope you've been saving up those outrageous questions because the team behind Taric's upcoming champion update are hitting the boards for a Taric Q&A on April 13h at noon PDT! 
"The Rioters behind the Taric’s majestic transformation are getting ready to dazzle the boards! Head over for their Q&A at 12 PM PDT on 4/13 for all the glorious details behind Taric’s new look, kit, and backstory.
Uncover more Taric news here:

LCS Spring Finals Bundles 

Two limited time LCS themed champion and skin bundles are available between now and April 19th,
"The epic conclusion of an exciting LCS split will happen at LCS Spring Finals in Rotterdam, Netherlands and Las Vegas, Nevada on April 16-17. Celebrate Finals weekend by unlocking one of our limited-time bundles made of the champions with highest pick/ban rates from NA and EU LCS Spring Split. Both bundles are available until April 19.

2016 EU LCS Spring Finals Bundle - 50% off at 2511 RP (4612 RP if you need the champions)
Skins included:
  • Special Forces Gangplank
  • Dragon Trainer Lulu
  • Master Chef Tahm Kench
  • Marauder Alistar
  • Bloodstone Lissandra

Champions included:

  • Gangplank
  • Lulu
  • Tahm Kench
  • Alistar
  • Lissandra

2016 NA LCS Spring Finals Bundle - 50% off 
at 2396 RP (4382 RP if you need the Champions) 
Some of the most contested champions in each region.

Skins included:
  • PROJECT: Lucian
  • Dragonwing Corki
  • Death Blossom Elise
  • Blood Moon Kalista
  • Battle Regalia Poppy

Champions included:
  • Lucian
  • Corki
  • Elise
  • Kalista
  • Poppy

Don’t miss any of the LCS Spring Finals action starting on April 16 with the 3rd place match. On April 17, the final two teams will face-off for the championship title and a chance to represent their region at the 2016 Mid-Season Invitational. Head on over to Lolesports for more information about Spring Finals including the teams, schedule, tickets, and more.

[PBE] Update on Mana x MP/5 x AP x MR Item Pass

Now that the changes have been removed from the PBE until next cycle, Xypherous has updated the [Planned - 6.9] Mana x Mp/5 x AP x MR Item Pass thread with a few changes:
"Update - 4/11: Some items have been updated based on feedback from this thread. A quick recap: Morello has more AP and has Athene's Kill passive. Hextech Rocket Belt has had its speed reduced and has a slight after-dash delay where you can't use your spells (0.25 seconds). Some minor stats have been adjusted and Catalyst has had its numbers altered. CD on Hextech items have increased by 10 seconds."
Check out the context thread for more information and a rundown of the proposed changes.

Meddler also commented on the boards regarding the experimental Hextech Protobelt:
"Hextech Protobelt's an experiment on our part to see whether we can offer a trade off of raw combat power (stats on other items) versus windowed mobility (the active on the belt, which contrasts with the always on movement speed other AP mobility items offer). What we're hoping to find is a sweet spot where the belt's of use to some champions regularly and other champs occasionally, but requires you give up noticeable combat power for the dash. It should feel like something you pay a price for if you're willing, not something many champs just get for free. 
We'll be adding in some form of brief cast disable while using until just after using the belt (cast delay or self silence) in order to avoid it only being used as part of an instant burst combo (concern being that that case otherwise dominates any other possible use). Despite that, and the stats trade off, it's also possible we still won't see the desired sort of play with the belt, with it either only being used it unhealthy cases or being mandatory on too many AP despite the costs. Our current thinking is that we'll just remove the item sometime a few patches post launch if that's the case. We're looking to make our items more distinct and less 'stat stick' though, hence the desire to try deliberate experiments like this that do have some significant known risk to them."
Meddler continued in a different thread, explaining Blue and Dragon buffs will also be changed in mid season:
"Intent is that the Lost Chapter Passive goes away when upgrading, given comparative lack of level ups later on. To avoid that feeling like too much of a cost to mana restoration though we're currently trying out a version of the current Athene's passive on the revised Morellonomicon (Kills and Assists restore 20% max mana).

One other piece of context that might be useful when looking at the revised AP items is that there are also changes to Blue and Dragon buff coming. Blue buff will reward restore a greater proportion of max mana pools per tick (1% instead of 0.5%), while one of the dragon buffs is shifting to a model where it restores % missing health and mana occasionally. Both of those should make larger mana pools more attractive to mages than they have been in the past."

Between Two Turrets - Come chat with collegiate lead RiotSherman! 

"Welcome to the latest installment of Between Two Turrets, a Q&A series through which we connect you with various Rioters to chat about League, life, and anything in between. You can expect a new Q&A every two weeks or so, with Rioters from all over jumping in to spend some time with you on the Boards. You can also check out past installments!

This week, we’ve got collegiate lead Michael “RiotSherman” Sherman!

Hey there! My name is Michael Sherman, but everyone just calls me Sherman, and I lead up our college esports program, otherwise known as the uLoL Campus Series.

A little bit of background on me, I’ve been at Riot for just under 2 years now, but have been playing League since 2009 during my senior year of high school. Over the years my involvement with the community evolved from just being a player, to starting a club at my school, running college tournaments for over 300 schools, and running events for pros and challenger teams.

Now my focus is entirely on uLoL esports. I want to help build the best competitive outlet we possibly can for college students to show off their skills as a League player while being able to remain active in school. In 2014, I joined Riot as an intern to build the North American Collegiate Championship with Riot Jaws and have since then helped evolve it to the uLoL Campus Series. If you’re interested in checking out some collegiate action, the Campus Series finals will be live from PAX East, April 23-34, on

On the Rift, I regularly switch between being a Jungler and a Top laner. My favorite champion is probably Nunu, specifically Grungy Nunu (Nunu bot’s alright too). Even though I’ve been playing for 6 years, I’ve peaked at gold 3 for the last 3 years mainly because every couple weeks I decide I want to main a new champion…yes, I’m that guy in champ select. Besides League, I love FPS and survival games.

Let's talk!"
Check out the boards thread for more discussion and chat with Riot Sherman!

The Nautilus Reef Project

The Nautilus themed artificial reef has been planted off the coast of Queensland! This artificial reef was a community reward for OCE players reaching the final reward tier in the Ocean Week 2015 event!

"The Nautilus Reef is a champion-themed artificial reef, which now resides as a place for marine life to grow around in Moreton Bay, off the coast of Queensland, Australia. 
It was made possible thanks to the Oceanic League of Legends community rallying together for the in-game event Ocean Week 2015.

You can find out more about the project here: [link]"
More information, including an FAQ & name look up, can be found on the  Oceanweek Reef page!

Leona’s AD Beatdown 

Last we have Riot Jaws with a light-hearted  community video by LoL Gags on full AD Leona!
"(Header image by EwaLabak) 

Leona’s shield and sun powers usually get all the attention, but what about her sword?
The team at LoL Gags eclipsed their opponents’ expectations with a slicing and dicing Radiant Dawn.

Got any strange but effective champion builds? Let us know in the comments below!"

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