Program Lissandra and Soraka now available!

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"Plans within plans." Program Lissandra and Program Soraka are now available for purchase!
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From the official release post - "Welcome to the new age of security":

"Life is precious and fragile. Like your loved ones. They deserve nothing but the best, top-quality care. Program Lissandra and Program Soraka are here to help.
Features include:
✔ Rigorous rounds of testing
✔ Latest firmware upgrades
✔ Unmatched analytical skills
Rest easy knowing your home and family are under constant care and surveillance. You are in perfectly capable hands. 
Be the first to own an A.I. designed with your best interests in mind. Program Lissandra and Program Soraka are ready for download from the League store for 1350 RP each."

Program Lissandra

1350 RP

Program Soraka

1350 RP

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