Braum Lionheart, Gragas Caskbreaker, Ryze Whitebeard, and Varus Swiftbolt now available!

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"Today will be exciting day! Braum Lionheart, Gragas Caskbreaker, Ryze Whitebeard, and Varus Swiftbolt are now available for 750 RP each!
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From the official release announcement - "Journey to Thy Golden Mustache" :
"Braum: Welcome to Braum’s Game Night, friends! Tonight, we play Castles and Cows: Journey to Thy Golden Mustache! 
Varus: This sounds like something you literally just made up.

Braum: What? Of course not. I learned this tabletop role-playing game from...uh… my mother….Enough talk! Now we create our characters. 
Gragas: I want to be an archer who was cursed by an ancient evil monster thing!

Varus: That’s...but you can’t….Braum, help me out here.

Braum: Let the puny purple man have his bows. You can be a traveling cleric who raises his hands to the sky and treats the sun with respect. 
Gragas: Can I get drunk?

Braum: Uh….sure!

Ryze: I will be a wizard with great power, carrying with me an enchanted tome and a magical scroll.

Varus: You just described yourself.

Ryze: Wrong. My beard, it will be...WHITE!

Braum: And I will be the strongest, bravest knight in all the land. People will love me and I will have infinity friends and all the princesses will be like: “Ohhh Braum Lionheart, you’re so brave and handsome. Take me to the royal dance.” But I’ll be like: “Princesses please, I serve the weak and defenseless. I have no time for royal dances.” 
Varus: ...Uh,what just happened there?

Ryze: Braum, I’m starting to think you made this game up too.

Braum: ….*Rolls dice*....Oh look at that! A giant dragon is attacking a nearby village. We should stop talking about everything else and go deal with that. Like, now. 
Gragas:I’m… I’m coming for you…. you big stupid... dragon! *passes out*

Master every dungeon with Gragas Caskbreaker, Ryze Whitebeard, Varus Swiftbolt, and Braum Lionheart, now slinging sorcery in the store for 750 RP each."
Adventure on for more!

Ryze Whitebeard

750 RP

Varus Swiftbolt

750 RP

Braum Lionheart

750 RP

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