[Skin Teaser] Dragon Trainer's Field Guide

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A new skin teaser for what appears to be a legendary tier (1820) "Dragon Trainer" Tristana skin is out! Titled "Dragon Trainer's Field Guide", the page includes several tips for how to train your dragon.
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The Dragon Trainer's Field Guide includes five pages of exciting tips and tricks for training your dragon:
Tip #123 
Who didn't feed the dragon? 
An unhappy dragon is a hungry dragon. Feed your dragon regularly to avoid symptoms such as hunger, hanger, and a sudden urge to eat.. well, you.
Tip #233 
Your dragon's den 
It's a common misconception that dragons like to live in caves filled with gold. They actually like to be out doors most of the time, unless it's raining or there's a really good movie on the television.
Tip # 234 
Your dragon's belly and you 
Out in the wild and can't start a fire? Just tickle your dragon's belly for a usually non-lethal firestarter!
Face check 
Do not point your dragon at or around your face. Refusing to follow these rules will probably almost 100% result in total body death.
Rocket Jump 
Time to Fly 
Your dragon will fire a high-impact flame blast into the ground, sending you soaring away from - or towards (good luck) - enemies armed with very sharp, very dangerous pokey things. For smooth sailing, stow all Infinity Edges before takeoff.

When you head to the site on mobile, you recieve this message:
Tip 949 
Dragons have trouble using mobile sites (their little claws done really work well on touchscreen). Head over to the desktop site to read the full Dragon Trainer's Field Guide and start your training today.

[NOTE: there doesn't seem to be a direct way to get to this teaser page just yet! The link originates from an email, something we've  seen several times in the past!]

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