Demon Vi now available!

Posted on at 11:06 AM by Moobeat
"Punch first. Ask questions while punching." Demon Vi is now available for purchase!
Continue reading for a little smash and grab, as well as preview pictures and videos!

From the official release post - "Vi, Demon of ganks, we call to thee!" :
"Visage of violence, remember! 
Demon of ganks, remember! 
Squasher of squishies, remember! 
Arbiter of Assault and Battery, remember!  
Vanguard of the jungle, and spaces between, remember! 
Puncher of faces, hearken and remember! 
In the name of the covenant written in first blood, we call to thee! 
May you be granted protection from bans, we call to thee! 
Rise, Demon Vi, we summon thee to the League store! 
May you be available to wreck face for 975 RP until October 24 11:59 PDT (1350 RP after that)! 
Demon Vi, we beseech thee!"

Demon Vi

1350 RP or on sale for 975 RP though October 24th

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