Red Post Collection: September Bundles, 2015 WC Merch Preview, Team Builder Draft discussion, & more!

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Tonight's red post collection includes a heads up that three September bundles and mystery skins are in the shop through September 29th, a preview of the new merchandise available for the 2015 World Championship, Lyte discussing Team Builder Draft & the new team select experience, a collection of community PROJECT creations, an round up for Wrekz, ZenonTheStoic, & FeralPony, and more!
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It’s time for September bundles and Mystery skins!

First up we have a new set of  champion and skin bundles for September and the return of Mystery skins, both available through September 29th!
"If you’re interested in orbiting rocks, rock shows, or just showing off, September bundles are here to make your wildest dreams come true (okay, nothing weird though). And that’s not all *shoots confetti into the air*, each one of these bundles comes loaded with a bonus item, which you can grab for only 1 RP
And if these bundles aren’t your style, you can always pick up some Mystery skins while they’re back in the store. 
Mystery Chest - 790 RP 
Mystery Skin - 490 RP 
Mystery Chests cost 790 RP, guaranteeing an unowned skin worth 975 RP or more. 
Mystery Skins cost 490 RP, guaranteeing an unowned skin worth 520 RP or more. 
Grab these limited time bundles and mystery skins now through 23:59 PDT September 29.
Blood Moon Bundle - 50% at 2324 RP (4575 RP if you need the champions)
Skins included:
  • Blood Moon Shen
  • Blood Moon Akali
  • Blood Moon Kalista
  • Blood Moon Thresh
  • Blood Moon Elise
  • Blood Moon Icon (for only 1 RP!)
Champions included:

Pentakill Bundle - 50% off at 2324 RP (4344 RP if you need the champions)
Skins included:
  • Pentakill Karthus
  • Pentakill Olaf
  • Pentakill Mordekaiser
  • Pentakill Sona
  • Pentakill Yorick
  • Pentakill Icon (for only 1 RP!)
Champions included:

Who Needs a Shirt Bundle - 50% off at 2170 RP (4722 RP if you need the champions)
Skins included:
  • Gladiator Draven
  • Muay Thai Lee Sin
  • Pool Party Graves
  • Ruthless Pantheon
  • Pre-Void Kassadin
  • Giant Enemy Crabgot (for only 1 RP!)
Champions included:

2015 World Championship Merch Preview

With the 2015 World Championship right around the corner, Riot has put up a preview of new merchandise coming player's way on October 1st - including a new Championship Thresh figure, new shirt designs, a new Worlds Jacket, a plush Gnar, and a plush Draven Poro!

Unleash Thresh
  • Commemorate 2015 Worlds with a special championship-edition figure of the Rift's twisted reaper. This figure comes bundled with a digital Championship Thresh skin from 10/1 to 10/31
Forge Your Own Legend
  • The official jacket of 2015 Worlds is here. Bring it along on your next epic journey.
Legendary Tees
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                                    Gank Gear                                                                     Draaaven!!
Cuddle With Care

Remember, these new items will go on sale October 1st at 7 AM PST / 10 AM EST!

Over on twitter, jingofalltrades added:
"this covers all new stuff we're launching for Worlds, but we'll also have other existing items at the venues"
She continued, confirming this'll all be on sale online and onsite for worlds:
"we're offering these onsite and online, and we'll also have some other existing items (like Jinx figure, etc.) onsite too"
She also noted the DJ Sona shirt will only be in women's at launch:
"the dj sona tee is going to be a women's shirt at launch, but we're looking into a unisex version post worlds"

There will be a Worlds Song

With a new worlds login theme currently on the PBE, folks have been inquiring as to whether we'll have have another song to rival last year's Warriors. In a reddit thread on the new login, Praeco noted:
"There will be a song. Let's say this version here is related, but not quite it." 

Kindred hunting Baron

Following up on yesterday's comments, Meddler noted they plan to allow Kindred / wolf to hunt Baron for additional passive stacks but it will have to wait until 5.20:
"Quick update on this. We'll be adding wolf hunting Baron in, we're past the point of being able to get it in for Kindred's launch though, so it'll follow in patch 5.20."

Team Builder Draft // New Champ Select Discussion

Over on his, Lyte has shared an overview of the future Team Builder Draft / new champion select experience will work:
"Been getting this question a lot recently, so going to compile all the current information into 1 post.

We learned a lot from the original Team Builder launch, and although the queue had better player behavior (lower reports, lower leavers/AFKs, lower Champ Select conflicts, higher honors), queue times were a major issue. We also saw a demand for no mirror matches, and a "draft" version of Team Builder that incorporated picks and bans.

Although players have been asking for a Team Builder "draft" since the original launch, we spent some time filtering down all the lessons we learned from the original launch and did a fresh design for Team Builder Draft while working on other features like LeaverBuster, Instant Feedback, Party Rewards and more. We started work on the new Champ Select earlier in 2015, and have begun internal testing the system with some players and pros to get their feedback. We're pretty confident in the new experience, and now intend for this to be the new Champ Select experience for some queues in the future assuming the feedback continues being positive after launch. Side note for a second, there's a pretty fun moment in the new Champ Select experience where most of the players in the last playtest did a collective "Ooooo." So, we're curious to see what the rest of the playerbase thinks as well. 
Our main design philosophy of the new Champ Select was to retain as much of the player behavior benefits as possible, while drastically reducing queue times. We also wanted to retain the strategic elements of drafting. This philosophy led to us to getting rid of the "Captain's Mode" where you can accept or decline potential teammates, getting rid of mirror matches, and no longer asking players to choose a Champ prior to Champ Select.

The new Champ Select flow is now: 
1) Players can invite friends into a Lobby. 
2) Each player is required to select at least 2 Positions (such as Top/Mid, or Mid/Jungle). On average, Ranked players only play 2.2 positions, so we wanted to start simple with a Pick-2 design, but have some backups like rank-sorting all 5 positions if there are queue time issues. We also have designs to incentivize mastering all positions in the future. 
3) There's a new position called "Fill." 
4) We're currently asking Duo Queues to cover at least 3 unique positions, to further improve queue times. Duo Queues will still have a higher chance of getting the exact 2 positions they want, but it is not 100% guaranteed. 
5) Once you've chosen your positions, we match you into a full team and you enter Champion Select. 
6) We've made some changes to how drafting works; however, we'll be talking more about this in a future design blog. 
7) During Champ Select, you can still negotiate with your teammates to lane swap or trade champs if you want a more favorable match-up just like Champ Select today. 
8) Once drafting is done, your team enters the game."
He continued, explaining why they chose to do a two pick situation:
"We initially went with a Pick 2 Position design for a few reasons: 
1) Ranked players tend to play an average of 2.2 positions already, so 2 was a comfortable start. 
2) We wanted to make as many design choices as possible that would reduce queue times. 
3) We wanted to avoid having players be forced into positions they don't want to play (say, if we did a rank sort all 5 positions design). 
4) The user experience was cleaner for Pick 2, and the vast majority of players wouldn't choose 3+ positions. 
5) For players that want to play 3+ positions, they can just rotate what their Pick 2 is every once in awhile, or use "Fill" as one of their positions.

If queue times are an issue, or if there grows a huge demand for other pick designs, we can always switch after launch."

The discussion then continued on to reddit!

When asked about a time frame, Lyte noted:
"Early Christmas gift for all of us? We haven't announced dates yet, but want to get this on PBE for more player feedback soon. 
We've been inviting players and pros to Riot HQ to play it already, and it's been great."

Lyte also replied to someone asking if this draft team builder will have hidden MMR per role:
"Not for the initial launch. We'll be working on this after launch once we start collecting data like how players perform at Mid, after being an experienced Top, and all the permutations of these things. This is so when a player plays Top for 500 games then switches to Mid for the first time, we can reasonably estimate what their starting MMR for Mid should be."
As for the idea of the new system "embracing" or "enforcing" the meta, Lyte noted:
"Just to be clear, there's a huge difference between embracing/enforcing a meta, versus what we're doing in the new Champ Select. 
We're reinforcing the fact that there are 4 sources of income--basically, top lane, mid lane, bottom lane and jungle. We're reinforcing that you'll usually have players in each of those positions, usually in 1:1:2:Jungle or some variant. What you decide to actually play in each position is entirely up to you, and varies greatly from patch to patch, season to season. 
I want to make sure players aren't confusing enforcing the lanes and positions versus enforcing exactly what champion can be played where. If you want to play "off-meta" and play Quinn or Vayne Top, you can do that in the new Champ Select. If you want to play "off-meta" and do Talon Jungle, you can do that too."

Riot Chomey also added: 
One key thing that we aren't doing a very good job emphasizing: there's no concept of a "role" in the new ranked team builder. 
Currently, if you were to play Mordekaiser in Team Builder, you would queue up as ("Bottom", "Fighter") for your ("Position", "Role"). In the new version, you'd just queue up as "Bottom" to play either Mordekaiser or Jinx. 
As Lyte described above, there are 4 main sources of income. After assigning one player to each one (unless your team is doing some next level 4:1:0:0 LCS strats!), if the meta in 209 depicts a double mid-lane meta, the new system will accommodate that =)
Riot Chomey continued:
"Yes, they are weighted. There is a primary and secondary position preference. 
And we are explicitly assigning positions to players, and the whole team will be aware of who was assigned what."
On the issue of queue times with the current iteration of team builder, Riot Chomey noted:
"Agreed, the problem with team builder currently is queue time. 
Try writing the algorithm for a world where players select a single position, and try to match them. 
Then try writing the algorithm for a world where players select two positions, and try to match them. 
The results are very encouraging, and the above is why we're very comfortable running with 2 positions. 
And actually, you can't infer that the majority of players play with more than 2 positions just based off the average. Average is a finicky statistic. An example set that would give you a mean of 2.2 is {2, 2, 2, 2, 3}. 
We're going to be monitoring this closely as we go live, and if we see any issues with matchmaking we'll definitely iterate =)"

Wrekz Ask.Fm Round Up

With Kindred up on the PBE for testing, Wrekz has been busy answering questions on his! Here's a look at his recent batch of answers!
[LinkDoes Wolf add stacks to E'd targets while W is active?‎ 
No, only Lamb's attacks stack the E
[Link] What challenges does Kindred bring for current junglers (ie. how do they differ with their strengths/weaknesses compared to the current standard junglers)?‎ 
Compared to standard meta junglers Kindred is lower on base stats and has less immediate dueling power. Their clear is really safe (very high health) but not incredibly fast. Most importantly, their late-game potential is much higher but accessing that potential means making risky plays to get passive stacks throughout the game.
[LinkSeems like this champion is going to get bullied by other bursty adc champions, Thoughts? 
The champion is designed to be a jungler. It is highly likely that this champion does suffer in lane vs other adc's, that is intended.
[LinkWhat kind of build / talent / runes were you guys using on Kindred tests?‎ 
I've been using 21/9/0 and for runes Attack Speed Quints/Reds, Flat armor Yellows, MR/Level Blues. For build I go devourer -> berserker greaves -> blade of the ruined king -> last whisper or triforce.
[LinkDoes her reduced cooldown on Q apllies CDR reduction making it below 2 seconds?‎ 
No the Q cooldown gets set to 2 seconds static.
[LinkWill Wolf proc on-hit effects other than Mark Of The Kindred? 
No, Wolf does not proc on-hit effects other than Mark of the Kindred.
[LinkSo is Q an auto attack modifier or not? me and a friend wondered and how it would interact with Runaans, speaking off, will Wolf attack the main target with Runaans, or will he spasm between all targets hit?‎ 
Q is not an auto-attack modifier, it is a spell. That means it doesn't apply on-hits or benefit for Runaan's hurricane. The spell is mostly intended to be a good skirmishing tool early and the game and provide decent jungle clear and then become more of a mobility tool later in the game. This is so your auto attacks can be emphasized more. Allowing the Q to apply on-hits would mean substantially nerfing the passive damage, which weakens a lot of the characters' drive to pursue the marked targets and makes that whole game less fun and rewarding. I really wanted to make the passive important and rewarding since it occupies a lot of what you think about as the Kindred player. There are a lot of tweaks we could make to the kit that would move power away from the passive, but I felt like doing those makes it difficult for us to make good on the promise that the passive makes. I feel like the passive basically says "Hey, if you can get a ton of stacks you will be really strong" but that can only be true as long as the passive is a primary damage source. 
Speaking of Runaan's, Wolf should stick on your primary target.

[LinkNoticed there's a risk/reward paradigm with Kindred. They are bad duelists early, which makes them susceptible to counter jungling and weak invaders but you have to invade to get stacks off non-skuttler camps. If Kindred gets shut down early, do they have the ability to capitalize on that passive?‎ 
Honestly, probably not as much. Kindred is a fairly high variance jungler. That said, we've seen in playtests that your options to fall back and play for assists during teamfights (to pick up hunts off champions) are good. In general, if you are stronger than the enemy jungler AND the kit rewards you for going into their jungle, that is a recipe for a really frustrating experience for the enemy jungler. If you are weaker than the enemy jungler, but you can escape, be tricky, race them to marked camps the game gets a lot more interesting. They know that in a heads-up fight they are likely to win, and you start thinking about how to get around them.

ZenonTheStoic Ask. FM Round Up

Champion designer ZenonTheStoic has also been on a posting spree, discussing champion design, Tahm Kench's original kit ideas, and more!
[LinkWould you say designing a figurative "opposite" of an existing champion's kit would be a good kit basis, or at least good design practice? What champion's "opposite kit" do you think would be the most interesting? 
I am always cautious when a champion's pitch includes another released champion. There is a huge risk that you end up taking away from the new champion by tying them to an existing one. Every champion should be cool on their own merit, not because they oppose / aid / complete an existing champion. It's cool to put little hints of ideas in a champion's lore (is Jinx Vi's sister? WHO KNOWS!), but building a champion AROUND that idea seems to limit the potential of that new champion.
[LinkHow do you decide to give a champion a certain kit? I reckon that you have a number of different kits that would fit the champion so how do you decide for one kit over another? 
The answer is iterate, iterate, iterate! Working together with the other two parts of the DNA (specifically, the *N*arrative designer and the concept *A*rtist) we brainstorm themes and expressions of a champion's power. I then go and write a whole bunch of paper kits and start implementing them in game. Through lane testing (where it's just you on the new champion vs a champion from the live game that plays the same role) and full playtests you discover very quickly what is fun and what isn't.

[LinkWhat was Tahm Kench first kit ? I'm brazilian and one of my favorite champions is Tahm Kench. Sorry for my bad english 
Since you asked nicely, here's the very first paper kit I wrote down based on the idea of devouring stuff. Note the placeholder Trundle passive. Also note how confused the incentivization around devour was. We did SO MUCH cleanup on this: 
Passive: Whenever TANK kills a unit, he gains a shield for 5/6/7/8% of that unit’s max HP for 0.5s. Champion kills / assists result in a shield that lasts 2s. 
Q: Tongue lash / spit.
With no devoured target, tongue lash: mid range (~Lissandra Q) skillshot slow/damage. 
With devoured target: spit target in direction. Champions are moved half the distance minions/monsters are. Spit stops on first target hit and slows/damages in an AOE. 
W: Shark Attack! Long wind-up / interruptible move block that goes to a target location within medium range. Tank dives “under water” and re-emerges at target location (alternatively if we’re going the frog route, he can leap, of course). Stuns / knocks up (leap/dive attack) enemies at target location. If devour is off CD and tank doesn’t have a “guest” currently in his stomach, he’ll devour whoever’s closest to the center (prioritizes champions). 
E: Weaken / stagger: On next hit, apply weaken debuff to an enemy. Weakened enemies can be staggered (stunned) with an auto attack..The stun duration scales with how long weaken was on this enemy. 
Tank can use Tongue Lash to trigger either part of weaken/stagger or even devour. 
R: Devour. Castable from level 1. Four rank spell. Single target spell, devour target if allowable. 
Rank 1: Small monsters / non-siege minions / pets only (Tibbers excepted)
Rank 2: Large monsters / siege minions
Rank 3: Champions / Tibbers
Rank 4: Dragon 
Devouring normal monsters/minions grants a % max health/mana regen buff but also slows tank by 20% MS (to avoid top lane sustain abuse). When target inside TANK is <25% health recast W to kill. 
Devouring champions/dragon/buff monsters: 2s max duration. Self slow 60%, but regen massively increased. Enemy champions get to nudge tank in a direction from within. 
Self cast devour to make your next tongue lash a tongue grab / devour if cast on a valid target. 
Cast devour on an allied champion to protectively devour them. Ally’s spells all replaced with a spit command to exit TANK before max duration is up. Ally spit has greater range than normal spit. Ally has a system of opting out of being devoured. 
If Tank takes a total of 20/30/40% of his max HP while having a unit devoured, the devour breaks.

[LinkStarted working as a balance tester this year, when trying to give feedback I often have trouble compiling my feedback about a character design or mechanics. When you ask for feedback what are the core things you are looking for? Also anything I can read to help understand your views and process.‎ 
FairandBalanced? You can't POSSIBLY work here! 
What a designer needs from playtest feedback varies massively based on what stage of the process the champion is in and what questions the designer is trying to answer at that moment. It is absolutely the designer's responsibility to make everyone playtesting their champion (or even playing in a playtest that features their champion) aware of these things! Please do call us out or ask if we fail to. Ideally, this should happen in two ways: we should lay out the specific questions for this playtest in the playtest doc on Drive, and with each major iteration we should be sending out a changelist email complete with our goals and current focus (this should be going to designplaytest@ -- if you're not getting those emails, let us know!) 
We all have different styles and different frequencies of updating people. I know I personally went back and forth between writing two pages context emails entirely in Tahm's voice to going silent for a week or two as I was super heads down trying to solve something (probably devour interactions. Holy moly that was a lot of work) 
Generally the best advice I can give is report what you *felt*. It's okay to do some analysis or try to give solutions sometimes (not because we're looking for solutions, but hearing you suggest a solution often tells me the exact problem you were trying to solve), but the raw data I'm after is your feelings. So instead of saying "this guy is super weak lol", maybe say "I felt very weak and powerless in lane when Cait Nami just poked us down and I felt I could never get a good tongue lash in without losing more health in the process". Or as the enemy, "I felt frustrated trying to get damage to stick to a late game Tahm Kench. We were sieging and it felt like all the damage I put into him with my Cait Qs he just shrugged off due to Thick Skin". Don't be scared of being wrong--even if Thick Skin healed only 2% of the damage taken, if you *felt* that it made you powerless, then that's good feedback for us. 
We absolutely may choose to ignore the feedback, but we should make sure we explain to you guys why. Hold us accountable!

[LinkWhat is your least favorite champion kits? Also, what was TK's development name? 
I really dislike Yorick's kit, but I understand why he's in the state he is. Poppy's passive and ultimate are awful, but she has a great E (which the rework will most likely retain).
TK had many code names in development! Off the top of my head: fish tank, fez tank, and Two Coats.

[LinkCan you make it with Tahm that when you throw a low health minion it gets executed with taragons to your ADC? Tahms usually like to do this with cannon minions and it usually ends up giving gold credit to Tahm only and doesn't use a stack. 
This already happens! I know for sure because I've played my fair share of Tahm support games. Make sure the minion dies within Targon's range (aka spit it toward your ADC, not away from them) and that you have a stack ready. Maybe you used up your last stack on a basic attack lasthit while the minion was still mid-spit? I know I often surprise ADCs with a "present" when they return from base by spitting a low health cannon at them, much as a cat will deposit a dead mouse on your doorstep.

[LinkHow would you respond to DL pointing on a trend that you often include some kind of a mini-game in new releases (both champs and reworks)? I mean do you find it bad/unhealthy for overall gaming experience? Do you think making players go for mini-objectives is good way to make game more interesting? 
Doublelift is very good at playing the game. 
As for our overabundance of mini-games: this is a concern. We have raised and discussed it a number of times internally. The TL;DR (it's 3:30 and I shouldn't get into a novel-length post right now) is that there are only so many meaningful ways to give champions unique outputs (ways in which they affect how everyone else plays the game), and many of those take the shape of mini games. It's okay to have those, but attention is a finite resource. Rule of thumb that's worked out well seems to be to keep the mini-game relatively narrow and focused or align it along an axis that already exists. Garen's Villainy is the latter: Garen already wants to get onto your squishy damage dealers. Now he has extra incentive. Your play is not changed hugely: you want to peel for your ADC/mage. It's only the intensity that's been ramped up. 
Whenever mini-games affect too many players too much of the time they start cannibalizing each other. If Skarner's crystals affected everyone on Skarner's team, for instance, or if a certain champion spawned a third epic monster that needs to be contested: that's too much. Looking at recent releases, I think we did pretty well: 
Bard's chime collection affects Bard, his ADC and the enemy duo (whenever Bard leaves the lane; or FAKES leaving the lane), and to a small degree the enemy jungler/mid (if they want to go Bard hunting; this is not recommended). The importance of the mini-game and its outputs fade post-laning phase and that is as it should be. 
Ekko is super low on mini games. His three hit passive is, err, a well established pattern / dank meme, and it's really just his W and R that add something new. The W prediction/mind-game aspect is really cool, but it's 90% on Ekko. The R asks something meaningful of the enemy (namely to track the position of a persistent non-champion element) and would risk becoming overbearing if that position was arbitrary, but because it follows Ekko I feel the amount of attention used up here is reasonable. 
Tahm Kench I would say is very low on mini games. He has his three hit passive, of course, and the output of that is a particularly strong CC, but your play around is the same as with any tank: kite and stay away if you can or out-DPS if you can't. The E is the only other mini-game, and it's not well understood yet, but basically baiting the shield is super powerful. I regret adding the shield on cast begin; it cheapens the game for Tahm. If we need to nerf, I may change this. 
Kindred are adding a meaningful map-wide game with the enemy jungle tags and a cool psychological mini-game in champion tagging (tag their toplane and gank bot when you suspect they're in voice chat :D), and their ult adds a MAJOR game changing moment, but it's just that: a very short moment once every ult-level CD. 
(Oops wrote a novel, gotta go)

[LinkThoughts on a champion with a skillshot that gets a longer range when it kills a unit? Like Lissandra Q but theoretically infinite as long as it keeps killing stuff 
Yeah, that could be fun! We played around with some stuff like that: both a skillshot that deposited an orb at the end of its range and would extend its range by hitting orbs, and a skillshot that refreshed its range whenever it passed through terrain. Fertile design space! We'll get one of them in game eventually.

FeralPony Ask.Fm Round Up

FeralPony has also been busy answering more questions on his, including the recent popularity of three hit combo abilities!
[LinkWhy is it always every 3. attack that does extra dmg? 
3 is a really common pattern. (2 is also one we use a lot but usually it's with attack resets to get the Attack->Super Attack feeling down right) The reason is that combat times in League (and mobas in general) are really sensitive. 
What we're trying to get usually on a 3 hit passive is some amount of commitment from the player. We don't want the effect to trigger off a basic lane trade or harass. However, we also want to make sure the effect is achievable and relying on 4 basic attacks in a row is often borderline impossible in the early game when champions don't have a lot of attack speed. 
Later in the game that AS might be available but combat windows have shortened dramatically by that point but the effect still needs to be able to trigger.

[Link] But why does Riot feel the need to put a three hit (or any hit) passive on so many kits? It's boring and repetitive. Why don't you experiment with other types of stacking mechanisms and auto modifiers? I used to feel like Jax was special with his ult passive...not so much now. It's all so bland. 
I think we do experiment with a variety of effect applications (spells, AoE Zones, passives, etc) but it's easy to point out 3-hit passives and say they are all the same. Viktors W is an example of a 3 hit proc but it's tied to an AoE zone instead of AA. Bard is a recent champion who has basic attack modifiers tied to Meeps instead of a hit cadence. 
Even within the 3-hit cadence those champions behave differently. Kindred feels different than a traditional 3-hit passive ability due to how her Q and W interact. I think there is definitely more room for experimentation in champion designs but the 3-hit pattern isn't alarming to me, similar to how "enhanced basic attack", or "skill shot" aren't alarming to me as techniques used to deliver an effect, buff, or spell. 
[LinkAre there any plans for Renekton? Renekton seems really weak right now, as he is good in lane, but falls of so draticly that he can´t really take the lead into the mid/lategame. 
That's historically been Renekton's issue. Strong in lane and struggles in teamfights. I think Titanic has helped his scaling in this regard but pushing more of his power into late game probably means we'd need to nerf his early laning which I'm not sure is better for the champion overall.

[LinkWhat do you think about Ezreal after his 5.18 buff? Is he in an okay spot right now or do you feel he needs more changes? 
Powerwise he's more or less okay. Would still like remake that W though, it's really lackluster atm and kind of a lame skill. Historically it made sense and was kinda cool but removing the heal and AS slow, while good decisions at the time, have left that specific ability in a pretty poor state.

[LinkEzreal w ad ratio? 
I'd rather remake the skill tbh.

[LinkIs there a possibility we will see more non-ADCs bot lane like Mordekaiser in the future? 
I think the likelihood of seeing people select non-ADCs in bot lane is high but we don't have a strong desire currently for trying to push more champions into that space. Some of it will happen naturally if champions like Kindred take off because the need to have a Marksman in that lane will be lessened. It's similar to how you don't always need a tank in top lane because you can get one in the Jungle.

Come chat with Lomar on 9/23!

Lomar, current head of live support and former Riot lawyer will be hitting the boards for a Q&A on September 23rd
"Join us tomorrow for the latest installment of Between Two Turrets, a Q&A series through which we connect you with various Rioters to chat about League, life, and anything in between. You can expect an installment every couple weeks or so, with Rioters from all over jumping in to spend some time with you on the Boards. 
This week, we’ve got head of Live Support, former Riot lawyer, and eternal voice of Brolaf, Logan “Lomar” Marguilles - come chat with him on the Boards September 23 starting at 3 PM PDT!"
[UPDATE] Q&A is up!
"Welcome to the latest installment of Between Two Turrets, a Q&A series through which we connect you with various Rioters to chat about League, life, and anything in between. You can expect an installment every two weeks or so, with Rioters from all over jumping in to spend some time with you on the Boards. 
This week, we’ve got head of Live Support, former Riot lawyer, and eternal voice of Brolaf (check out this blast from the past that gave us the mugshot above), Logan “Lomar” Margulies! 
What's up dudes and dudettes? This is Logan, coming to you live from the sunny west side of Los Angeles. You guys may also know me as Lomar (or as the voice/inspiration for Brolaf). I'm probably more known for doing an over-the-top frat guy impersonation than my actual work at Riot - a fact that makes my wife very, very proud. Once upon a time I was a lawyer for Riot, but after realizing that I may have been the 10,000,000th person to go to law school for the wrong reasons, I transitioned over to our Live team. Today I head up our Central Live Support group, which includes teams like Player Support, Localization, Release and Fraud/Risk. TLDR: we all work to make sure that players can experience the game without problems - and when they do, we work to get them fixed. 
I'll be here for a few hours to answer any questions you guys have about Riot, me, my work, Impressionist art, English poetry from the Victorian era, or why the Cleveland Browns are so damn awful. When I'm not at Riot, I enjoy downtime with my wife and my dog, when they'll have me. I also like beer - I make my own, and I drink a lot of that, and I drink a lot of other people's beer too. Sometimes with permission, sometimes without. Among other things, I play ultimate frisbee (got hooked and played club in college), hike, and read - particularly history. I'm also a die hard football fan from Ohio, which means I live and die by Ohio State (mostly live) and the Cleveland Browns (mostly make me want to die). I also spend an inappropriate amount of time on fantasy, mostly just football and LCS, though I dabbled in baseball this summer - really giving me a chance to nurture my inner stats nerd. Variance is your friend. Kinda.
So with that, feel free to hit me with any questions you may have!

PROJECT community creations!

Last up we have Jynx with a round up of awesome PROJECT themed community creations!

kaerru and Kai Cosplay  

MgnZ and MonoriRogue 

Muju and Naheht 
NE0SHIN and nerdrodder 

Racchoi and RazeArmada  

Tropic02 and yuan lan  
zymv587 and キノコ
Share more of your favorite PROJECT creations in the comments below!"

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