This "Week" in Esports [JULY 27TH - AUGUST 9TH]

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With the EU & NA Summer Playoffs quarterfinals and several regional leagues wrapping up over the weekend, we're back with another edition of This Week in eSports!
[Warning: This post contains event spoilers!]

Continue reading for more information on Summer playoffs brackets and semifinals groups for NA/EU LCS, Challenger Series finalists, results from the OCE, TR, LATAM, BR finals, and more!

Current Standings:

 The NA & EU Summer Split quarterfinals came to a finish this weekend, and with this, 2 more teams from each NA & EU move forward to the Semifinals next weekend! The brackets below are updated as of Sunday, August 9th and as always, VODs can be found here.


  • Team Impulse defeated Team Dignitas with a record of 3 - 0. Team Impulse moves on to Semifinals to face CLG on Saturday, August 15th.
  • Team Solomid defeated Gravity with a record of 3-1. Team Solomid moves on to the Semifinals to face Team Liquid on Sunday, August 16th.

      [EU] LCS:

      • UOL defeated ROCCAT with a record of 3 - 2. UOL moves on to the Semifinals to face Fnatic on Sunday, August 16th.
      • H2K defeated Giants Gaming with a record of 3-0. H2K moves on to the Semifinals to face Origen on Saturday, August 15th.

      [NA/EU] Challenger Series
      • The 2015 Challenger Series summer playoffs continue! Semifinals are now over and the battle for LCS spots will be held next week at the LCS studios!  
      • Team Coast defeated Cloud9 Tempest with a record of 2 - 0. 
      • Renegades defeated Team Imagine with a record of 2 - 1.
      • Cloud9 Tempest and Team Imagine will play for third place on Tuesday, August 11th.
      • Renegades and Team Coast will face off in the finals on Wednesday, August 12th in the Finals.
      • Mousesports defeated Gamers2 with a record of 2 - 0. 
        • Team Dignitas EU defeated Denial Esports with a record of 2 - 1. 
        • Gamers2 and Denial Esports will play for third place on Tuesday, August 11th.
        •  Mousesports and Team Dignitas EU will face off in the finals on Wednesday, August 12th in the Finals.

          [Korea] LCK:
          • Top Five (W/L)
          • SK Telecom T1 (16 - 1)
          • KOO TigersKT Rolster (13 - 5)
          • CJ ENTUS (12 - 5)
          • Najin e-mFire (11 - 6)
          • KOO Tigers (10 - 7)

          [China] LPL:
          • Top Five (W/L/T) - Points
          • EDward Gaming (14 - 2 - 6) - 48 Points 
          • Qiao Gu (7 - 1 - 14) - 35 Points 
          • Invictus Gaming (8 - 6 - 8) - 32 Points 
          • Snake (7 - 5 - 10) - 31 Points 
            • LGD Gaming (6 - 4 - 12) - 30 Points 

            [TW/HK/MO] LMS:
            • The LMS Summer Split Playoffs have finished up with ahq reigning victorious! With this victory, ahq has qualified for the 2015 World Championship! 

            [BR] CB LOL:
            • With a record of 3 wins and 0 defeats, paiN has defeated INTZ and have claimed the number one spot in the CBLOL! paiN will move on to represent their region in the  2015 International Wildcard tourney for a spot at the World Championship.

            [LAN/LAS] Latin America closing Cup Grand Finals
            • After a 3-1 set, Kaos Latin Gamers (LAS) have defeated Lyon Gaming (LAN)  to earn prize money and a seed into the 2015 International Wildcard tourney

            [TR] TCL
            • With a 3 to 1 record, Dark Passage has defeated Beşiktaş e-Sports Club, earning them first place in the 2015 Turkish Champion League and qualifying for the 2015 International Wildcard tourney

            [OCE] OPL
            With a 3 to 1 record, The Chiefs eSports Club have defeated Legacy eSports in the OPL playoffs! With this victory, Chiefs have qualified for the  2015 International Wildcard tourney.

            [JPN] 2015 LoL Japan League
            • With a 3 wins to 2 loss record, DetonatioN FocusMe has defeated Ozone Rampage in the grand finals of the 2015 LoL Japan League! DetonatioN FocusMe will continue on into the 2015 International Wildcard tourney.

            2015 International Wildcard Tournament

            With all these regional leagues finishing up, here's a look at who is currently qualified for the 2015 International Wildcard Tournament:

            Qualifier 1:

            • CIS - Hard Random
            • Brazil - paiN Gaming
            • Latin America - Kaos Latin Gamers

            Qualifier 2:

            • SEA - [to be decided]
            • Turkey - Dark Passage
            • Japan - DetonatioN FocusMe
            • Oceania - The Chiefs eSports Club

            The top two teams coming out of the 2015 International Wildcard Tournament will move on to participate in the 2015 World Championship.

            DRIVE: The Sneaky Story

            Riot's DRIVE series continues with a feature on Zachary "Sneaky" Scuderi! ... same

            More information on Sneaky and the series can be found here. Check back in for the next installment on CLG's Pobelter,!

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