The Arcade is Open - New Riven & Blitzcrank Skins, summoner icons, Retro Arcade bundle, & more now available!

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The Arcade is open and new content is now available! The new Arcade Riven and Battle Boss Blitzcrank skins are both now available, we have two new Arcade themed summoner icons, a Retro Arcade bundle, a Blitzcrank's Poro Roundup mini game, wallpapers, the Bit Rush music, and more!

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The Arcade

To celebrate the new retro goodies, we have a new ARCADE promotional site, complete with previews of new content, wallpapers, music, and more!

New Skins

If you head on over to the pink cabinet, you'll find preview for the newly released Arcade Riven and Battle Boss Blitzcrank skins - both of which are on sale through August 24th!. You can also find a preview of the previously released skins in the Arcade and Boss line.

Arcade Riven

1350 RP ( on sale for 975 RP through August 24th )

Battle Boss Blitzcrank

1350 RP  ( on sale for 975 RP through August 24th )

New Summoner Icons

The pink cabinet also includes the new Final Boss icon & Poro Love icon, which are now available for 250 RP each!

Retro Arcade Bundle

Also in the pink cabinet, you'll find a  new Retro Arcade Bundle is also now available! This limited time bundle includes Arcade HecarimArcade  Miss Fortune, and Arcade  Sona for 50% off


2025 RP or 3302 RP if you need the champs.
"Embrace the old school with the Retro Arcade Bundle, featuring Arcade Miss Fortune, Arcade Hecarim, and Arcade Sona. All three champs and skins are 50% off in the bundle until 8/27 23:59 PDT."

Blitzcrank's Poro Roundup

In the yellow cabinet, you'll find a brand new mini game called BLITZCRANK'S PORO ROUNDUP, which is also available for phones via the App Store and Google Play.
[The Blitzcrank's Poro Roundup cabinet closes on September 21, 2015.]
"Blitzcrank must save his fluffy poro friends from Baron Nashor’s belly in the new Arcade mini‐game Blitzcrank’s Poro Roundup. Why? Well, because robots have hearts too... or maybe their programming is just telling them that they do."

Arcade Extras

The blue cabinet will bring you to a slew of Arcade themed extras, including:

League of Legends Music: BIT RUSH 

This cabinet also includes multiple versions of all of the Arcade art & splash arts!


Battle Boss Blitzcrank and Arcade Riven

Arcade Miss Fortune

Arcade Hecarim
Final Boss Veigar


If you head on over to the Riot Games merch store, you'll also find a few new goodies!

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