Red Post Collection: GAME OVER skin teaser, BMB Q&A on August 4th, Free Captain Gangplank Reminder, & more

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[UPDATE: There is a new Gangplank/Epilogue login theme included the 5.15 patch files! Added a preview video plus a few comments from Meddler on upcoming itemization changes.]

This evening's red post collection includes a look at the new GAME OVER skin teaser, a heads up that there will be a Black Market Brawlers Q&A on August 4th, a reminder on how to get the FREE Captain Gangplank skin by owning GP and playing a matchmade game as GP before August 10th, and more!
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[Skin Teaser] Game Over

HA HAHAHAHAHA - a new Game Over skin teaser is up!
Upon selecting yes to continue, a core  being shocked by electricity pops up for few seconds. Final Boss Veigar's voiceover line "Play time has ended!" plays followed by an ominous Blitzcrank laugh!
[On the teaser page, this image is saved as "chest.png"]

 You then lose the game and are directed to a GAME OVER screen complete with its own music.
With the 5.16 PBE cycle starting on Tuesday, tune back in soon to see what skin GAME OVER is teasing!

Meddler on upcoming Fighter/Defensive Item Changes

In a thread discussing some of the upcoming Fighter and Defensive itemization changes that will be testing for 5.16, Meddler shared a few examples of what we can expect for Frozen Heart, Banshee's Veil, and Thornmail:
"We're talking changes a little bit bigger than that, but not by too much. Few examples: 
  • Frozen Heart: 2600g (was 2450g), 90 Armor (was 100 Armor).
  • Banshee's: 2700g (was 2750g), 60 MR (was 55 MR), now builds from Crystalline Bracer instead of Ruby Crystal (total cost still the same, so combine cost's cheaper).
  • Thornmail: 2300g (was 2100g), now reflects 15% damage + 25% of your bonus Armor (was 30% damage). Rewards using Thornmail with other armor effects, allows the damage reflect to still be significant against enemies dealing much of their damage through on hit effects instead of raw auto attack damage (e.g. Vayne). Significantly weaker as a sole Armor item however. This is about as big as this set of changes gets by the way, most of the others are just stat adjustments, not functionality changes."
He continued:
"One update since there seems to be a bit of confusion: Thornmail's not being changed to reflect on hit damage. It's damage calculation is being changed to be less based off the enemies AD, with damage instead also coming from the target's Armor, reducing the different in damage reflected for full AD builds versus on hit builds."

Black Market Brawlers Q&A on August 4th

Enjoying spending your hard earned Krakens to hire minions in the new Black Market Brawlers featured game mode and want to know more? The team responsible is hosting a Q&A on August 4th!
"If you’re wondering how the black market brawl got started or how those brawler minions came to be, head over to the Q&A at 12pm PDT on August 4. Some of the Rioters behind the newest game mode will be on hand to answer your questions. 
Dive into more Bilgewater: Burning Tides here!"

Free Captain Gangplank Reminder

[Left: new base Gangplank in 5.15 (Post Event) // Right: Captain Gangplank skin (Pre Event)]

In case you missed the news, Gangplank's appearance and voiceover are being updated to reflect the story events of Bilgewater: Burning Tides

The "pre-story" appearance that shipped with 5.14 is becoming the Captain Gangplank skin and will be FREE for anyone who both owns Gangplank and has plays a matchmade game as Gangplank between the start of Bilgewater event in 5.14 and the end of the event on August 10th.

KateyKhaos reminded that Gangplank will be back for purchase and play with the upcoming 5.15 patch:
"He'll be re-enabled in Patch 5.15, so you'll have a chance to buy/play him before the event ends."

As noted, you need to have played a game between the beginning and the end of the Bilgewater event. dArtagnan clarified the start of the event as July 22nd at 15:00 PDT:
"As long as you play/completed a matchmade game at any time during the event. The event started on July 22nd at 15:00 PDT, and any completed game after that will count!"

When asked if Co-Op Vs Ai games count, O2ymandias noted:
"Yup, Co-op vs. AI is a matchmade queue (you hop in matchmaking with 4 other players). Custom games are not included."
He continued, clarifying what matchmade game means for anyone concerned:
"Sorry for the confusion! Any queue which matches you with other players counts (on your team and/or on the opposing team). 
Matchmade: PVP (Classic, Dominion, ARAM, Black Market Brawkers), Co-op vs AI (Classic, Dominion)

Not matchmade: custom games or tutorials."

KateyKhaos also noted that players who do not qualify for the free skin or join the game after the events ends will be able to purchase it for 975 RP (although no mention if it is legacy or regularly available):
"You'll be able to purchase Captain Gangplank at a later date for 975 RP."
For more on Gangplank's post-event update, check out these helpful links:

Gangplank Post-Epilogue Story Update

The background story on Gangplank's champion page has been tweaked to reflect the events that transpired in Bilgewater: Burning Tides and his post event changes.

In addition to Miss FortuneSwain and Zed have also been added to his rival list after Gangplank raided an Order of the Shadow temple and stole Swain's ship in the introduction text:
"Having grown rich preying upon the trade routes of the Twelve Seas, Gangplank has made himself many powerful enemies. In Ionia, he incurred the wrath of the deadly Order of Shadow after ransacking the Temple of the Jagged Knife, and it is said that the Grand General of Noxus himself has sworn to see Gangplank torn asunder after the pirate stole the Leviathan, Swain’s personal warship and the pride of the Noxian fleet."

Captain Fortune's Theme on Soundcloud

In addition to Gangplank's theme from the start of the event, Captain Fortune's theme is now available on Soundcloud  for listen and download!

Gangplank / Epilogue Login Theme

With 5.15 heading to live soon, a new login screen featuring Gangplank post-Burning Tides has washed ashore in the patch 5.15 files!

Here's the still image, which can also be found in the epilogue of Bilgewater: Burning Tides.

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