Champion and Skin Sale 8/11 - 8/14

Posted on at 7:00 AM by frostyNinja
A new champion and skin sale starts tomorrow! Between August 11th and August 14th, you'll be able to pick up Special Forces Gangplank for 487 RP, Rocket Girl Tristana for 487 RP, Renegade Talon for 260 RP, Rengar for 487 RP, Leona for 440 RP and Heimerdinger for 395 RP.
Continue reading for a better look at this sale's discounted skins!

Special Forces Gangplank (487 RP)

Rocket Girl Tristana (487 RP)

Renegade Talon (260 RP)

[ReminderAugust's sales have been posted! Check the link for a look at what champions and skin sales will be on sale throughout this month.]

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