Red Post Collection: Meddler on Shen's champion update, MF Story coming soon, 1920 x 1080 Bilgewater Art, & more

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This morning's red post collection include Meddler mentioning Shen's champion update will likely include a new Q & W, Jaredan noting Miss Fortune's new story is coming up next, a look at several HUD Update tweaks that'll be hitting the PBE soon, a set of 1920x1080 Bilgewater art wallpapers, and more!
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Shen Update likely potentially to include new Q & W

In a thread discussing champions with global ultimates, Meddler noted that Shen's future champion update his be replaced by something new or heavily modified:
"Matching thematics with gameplay is something we put a lot of effort into, there are times though where we need to prioritize balance over lighter thematic expectations. Having a thrown weapon have the same range as a long spear stab or sword thrust is that sort of case (by contrast if Caitlyn, as a sniper, had a really low attack range that'd be a pretty significant disconnect). 
As far as Shen goes we think he's in a pretty effective spot right now and don't currently have any plans to add more power to him. It's also very likely his Q will be replaced or very heavily modified in his gameplay update (we'd like to give him a more interesting combat pattern for laning/1v1s and changing the Q will be a significant part of that)."
He continued, noting Shen is also likely to received a new W entirely:
"It's very likely we'll keep Shen as a low waveclear champion, his inability to push quickly's a really important safety valve on his ultimate. 
Feint we'll almost certainly replace outright. Odds are fairly high some form of other defensive ability will replace it, Shen needs some inherent survivability."

Miss Fortune Story Next, Fiora and Tahm Kench to come

With a short form in-client bio added for Fiora in the 7/24 PBE patch, Jaredan noted that Fiora, Miss Fortune, and Tahm Kench would be receiving introductions on the same level as the recent Gangplank, Graves, and Twisted Fate stories.
"The new format for champion introductions will be done for every new Champion and every updated Champ moving forward.There's more to come for Fiora. She, like Tahm Kench, just came in the phase as we transition and test things out (as well as making sure things are ready for Bilgewater: Burning Tides), but both she and Tahm will be getting the same treatment on the website that TF, Graves and Gangplank have received so far. 
Miss Fortune will be next."
He continued:
"We're working on rolling out introductions to all Champs in the same format that you can now see with TF, Graves and Gangplank. It'll take some time. We'll be talking about our thinking behind our approach soon."
He continued:
"I mean all Champions. We aim to produce written character introductions that are of the same format as seen with GP, TF, and Graves for every single Champ. Our priorities are based on Champions who are going to be involved in updates of any kind, new Champs, Champions with contradictory backgrounds and those being used in Events such as Bilgewater and other projects. 
For example, Fiora received her update, so we put together her new introduction. Bilgewater was in production, so we did new intros for TF, Graves, GP and MF. Singed is one of our Champions with an outdated history, so we're working on him. 
Also, these introductions are not necessarily the best place to further stories alone. For example, when Miss Fortune's intro comes out, it will cover the events of Burning Tides: The Reckoning, but the best way to understand those events is to read the story itself. 
We want to create stories for our Champions that have different "zoom" levels. You want a quick idea of who they are and what they do? In-client character introduction is the place. Want more of an overview of how they became who they are? Go to the website and read their background. Want to get a feel for their personality in the story world? Read the flavor text on the website that accompanies the background. 
Want to see them alive and interacting with the world, to get a really good idea of their thoughts and personality in the moments that they are developing? Read/watch/listen to the stories 
Make sense?"

Speaking of Twisted Fate's new story, Jaredan commented on the misconception that "card sharp" is just a misspelling of "card shark" -
Could you also look into Twisted Fate being "an infamous card sharp" (his lore, the event page). I'm fairly certain you meant "shark".
Nope, we meant "sharp." It's the original usage. Card shark is a later version of the phrase (possibly a malapropism that has become common usage). They're virtually the same in regard to meaning, but card sharp (or cardsharp) has a longer history of being used to imply cheating."

HUD Update Improvements on the way

Following the HUD Update being pushed to live in patch 5.14 and the flurry of feedback that has hit the boards and reddit since, Riot Rayven noted on reddit a few things that will be changing soon:
"Hi, we hear you! We are working on a TON of readability improvements for the next patch including:
  • Clearer, larger fonts
  • Text colors and styling (as well as darker bgs for contrast)
  • Full square ability cooldowns with a more readable color
  • Pulled way back on animation length and noise
  • A lot less blue
  • More negative space between elements
  • Larger team frames and meters
  • More readable stats
  • More readable spell pips
All that said, our internal colorblind testers (red/green) found the new minimap to be more readable than the old one due to the toned down bg. Are you having trouble tracking info on it?"

A few of these are already on the PBE! Here's Chager with what was tweaked on the July 24th PBE build, as well as a few other changes that will be hitting the test realm soon:
"We've received a lot of good feedback and have made some adjustments to the HUD to test out before the next release: 
  • Cooldown timers now take the entire skill square (no longer circular)
  • We've made the CD timers go from full to empty to better show cooldown time (vs. fill up)
  • Off cooldown flash has been changed in color (gold) and reduced in animation length
  • Multiple sounds have been removed or softened (skill up, scoreboard open close, player stat window open close)
  • Some fonts have changed
  • -- Please note we've just implemented a new font system and are going through and tuning all the places fonts are displayed. There's still a lot of polish left to do but we wanted to get it out and tested on PBE as we iterate
  • Changed crit and attack range in the character stats page (crit now displays in bottom left of base window and attack range in bottom left of extended stat window)
Things we're looking to get out early next week: 
  • Adjusting color of OOM and CD to have differentiated colors
  • Ongoing font work (both color/shadow and size/typography)
  • More space between ally portraits and minimap (and making portraits bigger)
  • Level up animation color differentiation and animation shortening

Ranked Decay re-enabled on July 27th

Here's Riot Mirross with a heads up that ranked decay for Platinum ranked and higher players will kick back on July 27th after being disabled during last week's recall bug issues.
"Hey folks,

Last week, we temporarily disabled ranked queues and ranked decay so players wouldn’t lose LP while ranked was down. Ranked decay will be re-enabled return on July 27 at 12:00PM PST in all regions.

The time that’s passed will still count against your inactivity period when decay is re-enabled, so if you’ve taken a break, make sure to play a game before July 27 if you want to avoid the LP penalty. If you’ve been playing consistently, this won’t affect you at all.

Ranked decay refresher:

Bronze, Silver & Gold:

There’s no decay in solo or team queues for these tiers.

Platinum & Diamond:

Solo and team queues:

After 28 days of inactivity in a particular ranked queue, you’ll be hidden from the standings in your league. You’ll also lose LP depending on your current tier. Every seven days thereafter, you’ll lose LP until you play a match in that queue particular.

Master & Challenger:

Solo queue:

Decay sets in after 10 days of inactivity to ensure competition continues at the highest echelons of League.

Team queue:

Decay occurs after 28 days to account for the difficulties of managing five (or more) player schedules.

Find out more about ranked decay."

Meddler on % HP True Damage

In a thread concerned about how common % HP true damage might be with  Fiora's champion update joining Vayne in having it on her kit, Meddler commented 
I just hope %hp true damage remains a rare and valuable mechanic. I think I can tolerate Fiora (since she does have to work a little bit for it), but two champions is probably enough for awhile.
It's a mechanic we only intend to only use very occasionally (hence the 4 year gap between Vayne's release with it and Fiora's rework gaining it). It's something we've explored on a few different prototypes post Vayne release, this is the first time though where we've concluded it was an appropriate fit. % max hp physical/magic damage or flat true damage are almost always the more appropriate tool for abilities that need to be limited against squishy targets/strengthened against tankier targets."
As for the team's current thoughts on Vayne, he noted:
"We're pretty happy with Vayne's current state. She's a reasonable pick, especially if you build a team that supports her well. She's got clear weaknesses though, and doesn't offer things almost all other ADCs do. When you pick Vayne you're choosing to give up various tools in exchange for her strengths."

Bilgewater Boarding Parties drop anchor!

As mentioned on the Burning Tides page, Bilgewater themed community hosted events are happening all over the world - including in-person tournaments, online tournaments, and in-person play sessions!
"TLDR: Bilgewater-themed live events are happening all around the world. Join the party and experience Bilgewater in a whole new way--and yes, there may be loot to plunder."
Check out the article & rundown of on the Bilgewater Boarding parties here  or head on over to the community events page to find an online or in person community run events!

1920 x 1080 Bilgewater Art

Last up, a set of 1920x1080 wallpapers for the new Bilgewater art, skin, and champion splashes have been shared by the LAS/LAN League of Legends page. 

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