Champion and Skin Sale 7/21 - 7/24

Posted on at 7:00 AM by frostyNinja
A new champion and skin sale starts tomorrow! Between July 21st and July 24th, you'll be able to pick up Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao for 675 RP, Secret Agent Miss Fortune* for 487 RP, Siren Cassiopeia for 260 RP, Rek'Sai for 487 RP, Trundle for 440 RP and Udyr for 292 RP.
Continue reading for a better look at this sale's discounted skins!

Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao (675 RP)

Secret Agent Miss Fortune (487 RP)

[*Note: As part of Miss Fortune's champion update, Secret Agent Miss Fortune is being updated in the upcoming 5.14 patch! The below previews reflect the updated skin!]

Siren Cassiopeia (260 RP)

[REMINDER] A list of the champions and skins that will be on sale during July has been posted in advance. Augusts sales have also been announced early!

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