[5.14] Gangplank and Miss Fortune Champion Updates

Posted on at 7:30 PM by Moobeat
"My bounty's on the board, Fortune, and there it stays!" - As part of the Bilgewater: Burning Tides event kicking off in patch 5.14, Gangplank and Miss Fortune have received champion updates!
Continue reading for more information on the updates, including preview of each of the updated skins!
The ole' Saltwater Scourge has received the larger of the two champion updates, including a new Passive and E, updated visuals & vfx, a new voiceover, and a healthy dose of citrus.


3150 IP / 790 RP

Here's an encore of Gangplank's champion spotlight to familiarize yourself with his updated kit:

[Full stat changes, ratios, and more for the GP Champion update available here.]

Gangplank's champion update also includes a new voiceover, complete with unique lines when purchasing several items and special taunts for Graves, Miss Fortune, Nautilus, and Twisted Fate!

Updated skins

Spooky Gangplank

520 RP

Minuteman Gangplank

520 RP

Sailor Gangplank

750 RP (Legacy)

Toy Soldier Gangplank

975 RP

Special Forces Gangplank

975 RP

Sultan Gangplank

975 RP

GP Bundle

There is also a limited time Gangplank flex bundle available through August 10th. This bundle includes Gangplank and all seven of Gangplank's skins for 25% off the normal price.
Gangplank’s Saltscourged bundle 25% off 
Seize control of Runeterra’s seas with Gangplank’s Saltscourged Bundle! This flexible cost bundle lays keel at 3535 RP (4127 RP if you need GP), lasts until 2:00 PDT on August 10, and includes Sailor Gangplank (Legacy), Special Forces Gangplank, Minuteman Gangplank, Toy Soldier Gangplank (Legacy), Sultan Gangplank, and Spooky Gangplank. 

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune has also received a champion update, investing a few golden kraken's into improving her model & textures as well as her visual effects! She also received minor kit changes in 5.14.

Miss Fortune

3150 IP / 790 RP
[For details on Miss Fortune's latest balance changes, check the 5.14 patch notes!]

Updated skins

Cowgirl Miss Fortune

750 RP

Waterloo Miss Fortune

520 RP

Secret Agent Miss Fortune

975 RP

Road Warrior Miss Fortune

520 RP (Legacy)

Candy Cane Miss Fortune

975 RP (Legacy)

Mafia Miss Fortune

975 RP

Arcade Miss Fortune

1350 RP

MF Bundle

There is also a limited time Miss Fortune flex bundle available through August 10th. This bundle includes Miss Fortune and all seven of Miss Fortune's skins for 25% off the normal price. 
Miss Fortune’s Bounty Hunter bundle - 25% off
"Strut into action with the Bounty Hunter Bundle! This flexible cost bundle clocks in at 4547 RP (5139 RP if you need MF), lasts until 2:00 PDT on August 10, and includes Arcade Miss Fortune, Mafia Miss Fortune, Candy Cane Miss Fortune (Legacy), Road Warrior Miss Fortune (Legacy), Secret Agent Miss Fortune, Cowgirl Miss Fortune, and Waterloo Miss Fortune."

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