Red Post Collection: Team Up & Pool Party Update, 6/15 Patch Update, and Love & League

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This morning's red post collection includes an update on the community's Team Up Week & Pool Party progression, the June 15th patch update to re-enabled Caitlyn, and Love & League, a documentary on couples who play LoL together.
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Table of Contents

June 15th Patch Update - Caitlyn Re-Enabled

The official 5.11 patch notes have been updated now that Caitlyn's bugs have been squashed and she is once again available for play!
"Patch Updates 
  • Let's Try This Again - Resolved a crash issue with R- Ace in the Hole."

Team Up Week Update - June 16th

Between June 15th and June 21st, the community is participating in TEAM UP WEEK! This week, each server is earning points by playing matchmade games with five player premade groups and sending gifts to other players to earn various Pool Party rewards for all participating players next week!

Our current community point total as of June 16th is around 3-4 million.
As a reminder, here are the Pool Party Rewards the community is working towards:
  • At 5 million points, we'll unlock Team UP IP rewards, granting +100% bonus IP for playing with a five player premade group.
  • At 15 million points, we'll earn a ton of sales including the champions, skins, tshirts, ARAM skin boosts, and more!
  • At 25 million points, we'll unlock a Pool Party themed summoner icon & a free Mystery Champion for anyone who has connected to the Facebook Friend discovery feature
  • At 35 million points, we'll have Pool Party themed minions enabled for the duration of patch 5.12
  • At 45 million points, we'll unlock a Party IP Weekend at the end of June
  • At 55 million points, everyone who contributed during Team Up Week will receive the upcoming Pool Party Mundo skin for free

Be sure to check the Team Up & Pool Party Hub for more information on the event and the upcoming rewards! That page will be updated each day at 9 AM PST with an updated point total!

Love & League: A Documentary

Last up we have a new documentary focusing on several couples who play League of Legends together!

"What's it like playing League with your significant other?

We wanted to know more about how League of Legends figured into players' love lives, so we interviewed four everyday couples to see how their games change when their League duo queue partner is also their IRL duo queue partner.

From bounty hunters who are partners in tracking down the bad guys on and off the rift, to a couple teaming up to secure the 2000th win, these pairs show how League can be the glue that keeps crazy love together.

So check it out here or in the YouTube player embedded above, and if you have your own stories about Love and League, share 'em in the comments!"

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