Red Post Collection: Ekko R mana increase planned for 5.12, Meddler on Lux "pre-detonating" E, new /ALL Chat, and more!

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This morning's red post collection includes Gypsylord noting they plan to increase to Ekko's R mana cost in 5.12, Repertoir with a few more comments on Ryze, Meddler discussing the potential addition of Lux being able to "pre-detonate" her E, a new episode of /ALL Chat, and more!
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Ekko R Mana Cost Increase Planned for 5.12

With patch 5.11 on the way, gypsylord has commented he will also be increasing Ekko's R mana cost to 100 from 0 in patch 5.12.
"So first of all, giving his ult a mana cost is not likely to solve any of the frustration problems it might have. In the vast majority of fights it's going to be used the same way, under the same contexts. If the spell needs a downside (not saying it does) giving it a mana cost isn't going to solve that. 
That said, from a design standpoint I do agree that there is something to the idea of "he's been spamming spells and is out of mana, now is my chance to strike." His ult not having a cost directly avoids the minor gameplay idea of "characters are weak when they're OOM." My bad on that one. We'll be fixing it for 5.12 by upping the cost to 100 (from 0). There were localization things that prevented it getting in for 5.11. 
As a side note, adding higher mana costs across Ekko's kit (we're also upping W cost to 50 from 30 in 5.11) helps mitigate burst in an indirect manner. Higher costs means he has a harder time farming and may want to invest in more mana/regen itemization. More gold spent on mana + less gold overall = lower AP totals at X point in the game."
As for what "locazliation things" are, ricklessabandon explained:
"changing the tooltip from "no cost" to "100 mana" requires changes to several localization files so it updates for all the various locale (country+language) settings we support. we have deadlines that tell us how late into a patch's development cycle is too late to change those files, and these ekko nerfs came up after that."

[Continued] Ryze Changes in the Works

Following up on his earlier comments, Repertoir jumped back on the boards to comment on the current state of Ryze following the 5.10 buffs and reiterate they are looking to make some changes soon.
"Ryze isn't much of a winrate problem at the moment. He's just a crappy experience to play against, mainly due to an abusive skill order option. This was a slip up on my end in the 5.10 buffs, but I believe it can be addressed in a way that leaves the core high moments (rapid chain casting, NOT 100% uptime rooting) of the character intact while limiting some of the more abusive stuff. It's perfectly justifiable for players to be vocal about something that looks and feels unfair, regardless of whether or not they have numerical data to support their claims. You shouldn't need to know Ryze's win rate in order to tell me he feels dumb to play against."

Meddler on Lux Pre-Detonating E and W Shield Timing

In a thread inquiring about Lux being able to pre-detonate her E and changing when her W's shield actually applies, Meddler commented on a few potential changes they are looking at:
"Quote :
Two things about Lux REALLY bother me. 
1) Lux can't pre-detonate her E like Gragas can for his Q or Ziggs can for his W. This lets tons of kills slip away because your target barely slipped out of the AOE before you could even give a detonation command. You're generally left waiting 0.1-0.2 seconds after Lucent Singularity reaches its destination before you can detonate it. 
2) Lux only gets the first application of her shield at the end of its cast animation, not at the beginning. That 0.1-0.15 second delay has killed me more times than I'd like. 
However, whenever I bring these up, people seem to raise their pitchforks and torches at me, and say that those delays are intentional. That can't be right, right? I mean, Lux has enough counters already, why should she be held further back by tech-based clunkiness? That just sucks ass, IMO.
Pre-detonate on Lux E is something we've got on our backlog and will add at somepoint. It will add a bit of power, but should give a clear feel improvement and help out players with higher pings. Should be a pretty straight forward change, I'll see where it's up to, that's one we should have got in previously. 
Shield application at end of cast's currently intended functionality, rather than a bug. Having said that I do agree that there's a noticeable feel cost there, given almost every other shield in the game is immediate. I'll pass that suggestion on to the balance team, see if they've got any concerns about bundling it with the pre-detonate change."
When asked about her E's mana cost, he noted:
"We feel a high mana cost on Lux's E is necessary, given its range and size of explosion. That mana limit's actually going to be a bit more important too after the pre-detonate change, given that will increase Lux's ability to land the E under some circumstances."

Recent 4-Win IP Boost for using FB Friend Finder

Following a ton of reddit threads inquiring about it, Limely popped on the boards to remind everyone about the  4-Win IP boost that was handed out to players who linked their LoL and FB accounts prior to June 1st.
"Hey everyone! 
You might have received a 4-win IP boost recently and wondered where that came from! Well, you unlocked it by finding friends with the friend discovery feature that connect your League and Facebook accounts. Mystery solved! :3 
P.S. We might do more (and louder) promotions around friend discovery in the future. Keep an eye out! ;)"

/ALL Chat | Dash Gets Dunked at the NACC Finals!

Last up we have a new /ALL Chat! In this episode, the crew heads to the NACC Finals to get dunked.

"We head to the North American Collegiate Championship Finals at the Barker Hanger in Santa Monica, California to hang with players and experience the party. Intense games were played, BBQ was consumed en masse, and player passion was off the charts. 
Carman Lam, co-founder of UBC eSports, discusses running one of the biggest eSports clubs in North America, and Volpin Props’ Harrison Krix and Tom Weiser go step-by-step through the trophy’s intricate creation. 
And then we drop Dash in a dunk tank. 
Tell us what you think!"

Patching Issues Help thread

With Patch 5.11 on the way in less than 24 hours, remember to check out this patching help thread from dArtagnan should you find yourself encountering issues

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