This Week in eSports [MAY 11TH - MAY 17TH]

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The NA & EU scene prepares for the upcoming Summer Split in this weeks edition of This Week in eSports!
[Warning: This post contains event spoilers!]

Continue reading for upcoming Summer Split schedules, various player/team news and more!

NA & EU LCS Summer Split Schedules

The NA & EU LCS Summer Split schedule is now available over on! Week 1 matches are set to begin on Thursday, May 28th  for the EU LCS, followed by the NA LCS on Saturday, May 30th. Rosters and other team information has also been updated.

Team, Player, & Organization News

North America:

  • Statements from the involved team members on the change and the addition of two mid-laners to the roster can be found on the CLG announcement.

  • Jungle - KEVIN "KEZ" JEON
  • Marksman -  JIN-HYUN "EMPEROR" KIM
  • Support - ANDY "SMOOTHIE" TA


  • Jesper 'Jwaow' Strandgren
  • Marcel 'dexter' Feldkamp 
  • Henrik 'Froggen' Hansen 
  • Erik 'Tabzz' van Helvert 
  • Hampus 'promisq' Abrahamsson 
  •  Patrick 'Nyph' Funke (Head Coach)


  • Through May 28th, the TPAFNATIC, and SKT T1 legacy skin sets are back in the shop, available for single purchase or discounted in bundles! See this post for full previews!
  •  Through June 1st, the Samsung White legacy skin set is also available for purchase! These new skins for Rengar, Singed, Talon, Thresh, and Twitch are available individually or as part of a discounted bundle. See this post for more information and previews!

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