Samsung White Skins now available

Posted on at 11:13 AM by Moobeat
The skin set to celebrate Samsung White as our 2014 World Champions is now available for purchase! The five new skins are available individually or in a discounted bundle through June 1st!
Continue reading for a better look at these newly released Rengar, Singed, Talon, Thresh, Twitch skins!

From the official release announcement - "Samsung White championship skins take the stage"
"Five dominant pros. One championship team. 
Celebrate Samsung White’s commanding victory in the 2014 World Championship with five new skins inspired by the Korean powerhouse. 
Make your moment with white-and-blue-wrapped Singed, Rengar, and Talon for 750 RP, or roll in style with Thresh and Imp - ummm we mean Twitch - at 975."
Bring the whole crew together with the Samsung White Team Bundle, which at 25% off, runs 3148 RP(6300 if you need the champs)."
And don't forget, these legacy skins will make their way to the vault after June 1!"

SSW Skin Set 

Click on each of the slices to jump to that skin's preview:

SSW Rengar

750 RP

SSW Singed

750 RP

SSW Talon

750 RP

SSW Thresh

975 RP

SSW Twitch

975 RP

REMEMBER: These skins are legacy and will be in the shop through June 1st!

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