Red Post Collection: MF VU to also include Gameplay Changes, Match History updates still being rolled out, & more

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This afternoon's red post collection includes Meddler with a few comments on the upcoming Gangplank and Miss Fortune updates, Matt Enth commenting the Match History updates are still being rolled out,  a fix coming up for the Azir Soldier AA bugs, and more!
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    [Continued] GP & MF added to champion update schedule

    Following the news that Gangplank and Miss Fortune have been added to the champion update schedule, Meddler added Miss Fortune will also be receiving a small gameplay update:
    "We'll be bundling a small gameplay update with MF's visual update. Details aren't entirely finalized yet, it'll likely include some changes to Make It Rain though."

    As for small details on Gangplank's gameplay update, Meddler noted:
    "We're giving him a new E, rather than gutting the power from the current one. I suspect the replacement won't be as useful for supportplank, apologies if that ends up removing a playstyle that it sounds like you really enjoy. Bit early to comment on details like how much attack speed/movement speed GP will have post rework. We've got the big picture generally figured out, but haven't gone through the balancing process yet, so specific numbers are subject to change. 
    Not sure on the champion mastery questions sorry, different team to the ones I work with, so I'm not familiar with the details of how it functions or possible future plans."
    As for any changes to Gangplank's R, Meddler noted:
    Odds are high his new ult will be pretty similar to his current one (so tweaked somewhat, but not replaced).
    When asked if that meant no more global range, he continued:
    "No, still global. Looking at stuff like damage tick rate, duration, slow % etc."

    About that Randuin's Omen change a while back...

    During the 5.8 PBE cycle, we saw an experimental change to Randiun's Omen go up on the PBE and then removed a short time later. This change included a rework o f the unique active that granted bonus attack speed for each champion slowed.

    When asked if this change is scrapped or simply still in the works, Meddler noted:
    "Not certain myself off the top of the head. From memory that as a pretty experimental change, aimed at investigating what a more fighter focused Randuin's Omen would look like. I'd imagine the balance team decided it either wasn't delivering for fighters appropriately or that it should remain a good choice for tanks too."

    Updated Match History still rolling out

    When asked about the Match History updates first mentioned in the 5.9 patch notes and if they are still being rolled out to some of the servers, Riot Matt Enth noted:
    "We are still in the process of rolling it out."
    These updates offer a much more extended view of match history without having to leave the client. Read up on the upcoming changes over in the 5.9 patch notes.

    Here's a few screencaps from redditor Tordaa over on EUNE where the update is already live!

    Azir Soldier AA Bug

    In a thread asking  about a bug with Azir's Soldier AA and them continuing to play attack animations when idle, Meddler commented a fix is on the way:
    So I was watching NA LCS today, and Bischu's soldiers kept moving while they were idle.I believe that this bug has been there forever; it annoyed me because I couldn't determine if Azir was actually attacking stuff or not. 
    Fix it riot, please."
    We've got a fix for that issue confirmed, unfortunately it just missed the cutoff for the patch that just went out (5.10). We're currently figuring out whether there's an appropriate hotfix to include it in, or whether to put it out in patch 5.11."

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