[May 7th - 10th] Mid-Season Invitational 2015

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Top teams from around the world have gathered in Tallahassee, Florida for to compete in the 2015 
Mid-Season Invitational! Between May 7th and May 10th, these six international teams will be battling it out for cash prizes totaling $200,000. 
Continue reading for a look at MSI info, schedules, and VODs once they become available! Semifinals stage spoilers within! The MSI Mystery Gift bonus is also active!

( Please be aware that this post WILL BE UPDATED as the action continues throughout the weekend. VODs and any other pertinent info will be posted once available! )

2015 Mid-Season Invitational

The Mid-Season Invitational  is underway and pits the top teams from across the globe against each other for cash prizes and valuable experience on an international stage. MSI will be a four day event - two days of the single round-robin Group stage (May 7th/8th) follow by the top four teams moving on to a Best of Five bracket stage Semifinals (May 9th) and the final two against each other in the Finals (May 10th).

Teams will be competing for the lion's share of the $200,000 prize pool, with $100,000 going to first place, $50,000 to second place, and $25,000 going to third and fourth place.

The six competing teams are:

For an easy to digest version of the rules, let's take a look at the MSI format reference sheet:

2015 Mid-Season Invitational will be played on patch 5.7.


Schedule via LoL eSports:

Day 1 - May 7th - Beginning at 1:30 PM PST // 22:30 CET

Fnatic vs. Team SoloMid

Besiktas e-Sports Club vs. SK Telecom T1

EDward Gaming vs. AHQ e-Sports Club

Besiktas e-Sports Club vs. Team SoloMid

Fnatic vs. AHQ e-Sports Club

SK Telecom T1 vs. EDward Gaming

AHQ e-Sports Club vs. Besiktas e-Sports Club

SK Telecom T1 vs. Team SoloMid

Day 2 - May 8th - Beginning at 1:30 PM PST // 22:30 CET

 EDward Gaming vs. Fnatic

Team SoloMid vs. AHQ e-Sports Club

EDward Gaming vs. Besiktas e-Sports Club

SK Telecom T1 vs. Fnatic

Team SoloMid vs. EDwardGaming

Fnatic vs. Besiktas e-Sports Club

AHQ e-Sports Club vs. SK Telecom T1

Day 3 - May 9th - Beginning at 1:15 PM PST // 22:15 CET

Game 1 / Game 2 / Game 3 / Game 4 / Game 5

EDward Gaming vs AHQ e-Sports Club
Game 1 / Game 2 / Game 3 / Game 4 / Game 5

Day 4 - May 10th - Beginning at 2:00 PM PST // 23:00 CET

[Pros vs Casters Showmatch]
2:00 PM PDT // 23:00 CET

SKT T1 vs EDward Gaming
 Best of 5 
Starting at 3:00 PM PST // 0:00 CET
Game 1 / Game 2 / Game 3 / Game 4 / Game 5

As always, feel free to check LoLesports.com for more information, VODs, and advanced scheduling!

Riot has also published several spotlights for participating players and teams 

Mystery Gift MSI bonus active

During the FNC vs SKT T1 game on Day 2, FNATIC stole Baron and triggered the double chance at getting eSports and Legendary (1820) skins out of mytersy gifts!

"Did you watch the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational? Did you catch that Fnatic got a Baron steal against SKT on May 8th? This action triggered a Mystery Gift opportunity that now doubles your chance to unlock esports team (Fnatic, TPA, SKT, or SSW), championship, and legendary skins until May 15. Thanks Fnatic! 
You can watch the event online right here on Lolesports at watch.lolesports.com.
May the best region win!"

Previews of the FNATIC, TPA, and SKT skins can be found here.  While you won't be able to get them until 5.9 hits live next week, previews for the SSW skins can be found here

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