High Stakes Skins now available

Posted on at 11:04 AM by Moobeat
"Pick a Card!" - The new Ace of Spades Ezreal, King of Clubs Mordekaiser, Wild Card Shaco, and Queen of Diamonds Syndra skins are now available for purchase!
Continue reading and stack the deck with a better look at these new skins!

From the official release announcement - "Make your own luck with High Stakes skins":
"Pick a card, any card. 
Stack the deck with Ace of Spades Ezreal, Queen of Diamonds Syndra, King of Clubs Mordekaiser, and Wild Card Shaco, now joining Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate in the League store and wherever luck is made, not found.
Grab each skin for 750 RP (except Jack of Hearts TF, he’s still 520 RP) or go all-in with the High Stakes bundle at 25% off - that’s 2638 RP or 5651 RP if you need the champs - from now until 11:59 PDT May 25."
There are two versions of the High stakes skins splash:

King of Clubs Mordekaiser, Queen of Diamonds Syndra, and  Wild Card Shaco use this version:

Ace of Spades Ezreal and Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate use a flipped version so it better fits in their champion pages:

[Note: This splash also depicts the previously released Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate, who will now use it and has an updated loading screen slice.]

 Ace of Spades Ezreal

750 RP

 King of Clubs Mordekaiser

750 RP

 Wild Card Shaco

750 RP

 Queen of Diamonds Syndra

750 RP

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