Omega Squad Teemo now available!

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"You want Teemo? Come and get him!" - Omega Squad Teemo is now available for purchase!
Continue reading for a better look at this newly released skin!

From the official release announcement:
"I forget what started the fighting, but it doesn’t matter. Sight. Nobody’s innocent anymore. Shoot. And I settle my scores. Reload.
Take a long walk through the jungle with Omega Squad Teemo, available now in the League of Legends store for 1820 RP or collect the Omega Squad Teemo Icon for 250 RP."

Omega Squad Teemo

1820 RP


Omega Squad Teemo also includes a unique voiceover, clocking in at just over five minutes!

Special Interactions

As you likely heard in his new voiceover, Omega Squad Teemo includes several special interactions triggered by taunting enemy champions and when purchasing specific items!

Taunting Amumu
  • "My tears have all dried up kid"
Taunting Corki,
  • "You've got no idea what it's like on the ground fly boy"
Taunting Gnar
  • "Little guy's gone native"
Taunting Heimerdinger
  • "Wars are won with men, not machines"
Taunting Tristana
  • "Rockets ain't for jumping ... who gave you that?"
Taunting Zilean
  • "Everyone's on a clock but only mine keeps tickin'"
Buying Liandry's Torment
  • "This is gonna sting"
  • "Some masks you never take off"
  • "Let 'em die slow"
Buying Nashor's Tooth:
  • "Next time I see Nashor, I'll yank a couple more"
  • "Got teeth? You got a weapon"
  • "We all live in the jaws of the beast"
Buying Rabadon's Death Cap
  • "Mete out the pain."
  • "Time to put on my killin' hat."
Buying Runaan's Hurricane
  • "Fighting fair is a good way to die"
  • "There's no such thing as collateral damage"
  • "One on three? Best odds yet"
    Buying Zhonya's Hourglass
    • "This could have saved a lot of good men"
    • "Sometimes time stands still and all you can do is watch"
    • "2.5 seconds is all it takes"
    Using a Sight Ward
    • "Nobody gets past Teemo"
    • "Never let your guard down"

    Login Theme

    Summoner Icon

    A new Omega Squad Teemo summoner icon is also now available in the shop for 250 RP.

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