[Skin Teaser] War Changes a Yordle

Posted on at 11:16 AM by Moobeat
A new skin teaser is up! Titled "War changes a Yordle" and "Omega Squad", clicking the various parts around the teaser has Teemo recite a number of eerie sound lines.
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Here are stills of the three different backgrounds:

Here are all the voiceover lines that pop up by clicking things on the teaser:
  • "I used to live by a code."
  • "I've done things I'm not proud of."
  • "Turns out, I've got a proficiency in killing."
  • "A part of you never leaves the jungle."
  • "I settle my scores."
  • "You'd be surprised how quick fur ignites."
  • "Peace is a fairy tale."
  • "This one's for my helmet brother!"
  • "We ain't all makin it out of here."
  • "Some masks you never take off."
  • "Size is a liability."
  • "One day there'll be a reckoning."

Several of the lines are labelled "TeemoSkin08". The page also contains the tags "Teemo - Special Forces"

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