Red Post Collection: Poppy and Gangplank Reworks tentatively this season, Poppy Rework new Passive & R, & more

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This morning's red post collection includes Meddler briefly discussing the future Poppy and Gangplank reworks, Utora commenting on Omega Squad Teemo's voice actor, and more!
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Poppy and Gangplank Reworks tentatively this season

In a boards thread asking if Darius will be receiving more changes and the ETA for the Gangplank rework mentioned a few days ago, Meddler commented:
"It's likely (though as with anything, never 100% certain of course) that Gangplank and Poppy will get their reworks this season. Darius is most likely to get additional smaller adjustments (like the ones currently on PBE), rather than a full rework."

When asked about Guinsoo's Fiora's rework from about year ago, Meddler noted:
"Guinsoo ended up getting pulled onto something else. We've got someone else taking over on Fiora as a result."

More on Poppy's Future Rework

Speaking of Poppy's future rework, Meddler continued in a different thread noting that her passive and R will be replaced but she'll be keeping her current E:
"It's still too early to talk about all the specifics of the Poppy rework. It's pretty safe to say though that her passive and ult will be replaced and that she'll be keeping her current E. 
Thematically I'd agree Dwarven warrior's a pretty good comparison point"

When asked if they ever thought of making a terrain generating ability (such as Anivia's wall) on Poppy's kit so she could combo with her own stun, Meddler replied:
is there a chance that you put some wall creation in her kit (to allow her to make her own play with the E without the need of ennemy being near structure) 
A mix of anivia W and vel'koz Q should be pretty fun (first damage, then wall when it split)
We did test that out a little while back. Conclusion was that it took the E from a skill that generated a lot of interesting play for Poppy and her opponents around where everyone stood relative to terrain and changed it into a spell that just got used anywhere whenever Poppy wanted to jump on someone and stun them. More powerful and less interesting, which isn't a good combination."

When asked if she'll get a new voiceover, Meddler noted:
"I assume we'll get new voicework for her, she's an old champion with a pretty limited number of lines. Not sure myself yet if the team working on her's thinking of taking her voice in a different direction or not though."

Omega Squad Teemo Voice Actor

In a boards thread asking if the new legendary tier Omega Squad Teemo skin uses a new voice actor rather than Teemo's original voice actor, Utora confirmed:
I'm just curious. 
There are a few subtle differences from the original set of lines to this new skin's dialogue.
It is indeed a new voice actor. and Strawberrycocoa is correct - Teemo's original voice actor was recorded many years and has since joined an Actors union. The way unions view League of Legend's and other frequently updated games (patches every 2 weeks) makes it very cost inefficient for us to use actors in a union. That is why there is a new Teemo actor. Hope this answer helps!
Check out our PBE coverage for a better look at Omega Squad Teemo or click here for a preview of the upcoming skins unique voiceover!

Looking into a HUD Rework

Khoopa also popped in to a boards thread asking to add ally R timers to the UI, sharing his thoughts on the idea and noting he would pass it along to the UX team who are looking into a HUD rework:
"Hrm, imo, that information would be too busy on the party frames.

Totally agree that the information should be allied only.

Might work on the Scorescreen (Tab).

Would help Solo Q game coordination by quite a bit honestly.

Will pass it along to the UX guys, who are looking into a HUD rework (and a sexy one at that)."

Item Shop's Undo and HP

In a reddit thread asking why you occasionally seem to "lose a chunk of health" when undoing an item purchase in the in-game shop, Reinboom stepped in to explain:
"The only HP it takes away is the HP healed between the time of purchase and the time of undo for that specific purchase. If you were at full HP at the time of purchase then you'll reset back to full HP. If you were at 90% HP at the time of purchase you'll reset back to 90% HP. 
This was done because HP gain isn't predictable and this is about as overt of a catch all as you can get. 
Long explanation of why it's there: 
One of the design goals with Undo was that it should never be an optimization. Assuming a "perfectly played game" then the Undo should never be used. Undo is a compensation for when the game isn't perfectly played. When a player misclicks, when the shop lags, when there's high latency, or any number of other small errors that could happen are all situations that account to "the game isn't played perfectly". 
For most of these potential optimizations we just clear your undo history so that you can't use undo between them. This is things like buying AP and then casting a global spell. When you cast or deal damage, your undo history goes poof. Or we roll back the gain (because we track it in some way). Gold per 10 items take back what they gave you. Health and health regen is more tricky (as well as their mana counterparts). It's more difficult to take away exactly the regen or health that warmog's or cinderhulk gave you because it's a lot less predictable. The HP/MP rollback was made as an easy to do catch-all because it stopped the issue of this behavior without us needing to go back in and figuring out how to add tracking to HP gain and then expose that to the undo system. We simply haven't returned to it."
She also noted:
"Taking damage clears undo history."

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