Red Post Collection: New Ultra Rapid Fire at risk, Scruffy on Ashe & Reworks in the pipe, and more!

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Tonight's red post collection comes a bit early as we have breaking news that the NEW ULTRA RAPID FIRE mode is at risk after a horrible accident! Also included: Riot Scruffy discussing upcoming changes to Ashe & a few of the reworks in the pipe line, KateyKhaos on what decides which champs get new skins, & more!
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Disaster during New Ultra Rapid Fire upload!

Oh no! According to this urgent and very serious announcement. disaster has struck while the awesome New Ultra Rapid Fire mode was being uploaded to live! 
"Around midnight on the east coast, a powerful surge thundered through our upload servers. Despite the disruption of even the security cameras during the incident, we were able to determine that a boisterous celebration of the upload’s success was interrupted when an energy drink upended over the upload terminal. 
Whatever the surge’s origin, whether nefarious or mere misfortune, the result is the same. The only existing copies of New Ultra Rapid Fire perished in the flames, and, while only time will tell, it appears that the uploaded version has transformed. 
We believe the servers will be back up and running around 10 PM PDT. Did a digital version of New Ultra Rapid Fire survive, or did the spilled energy drink exact a greater toll?"

Scruffy on Ashe and Reworks in the pipe

As Riot Repertoir mentioned a few days ago, Ashe is up for some kit work in the near future including a new passive.

In a boards thread inquiring on the changes, Scruffy noted her passive and Q are the targets:
"The changes are pretty focused, mostly related to passive and Q. I think the end result will feel very much like the current ashe with a bit more depth and satisfaction. (and a
passive that makes more sense)"
He continued, teasing:
If Riot reworks another champion by making their signature spell a skill shot I may go insane.
Please say Frost Shot isn't a skill shot in the new kit.
No skillshots added confirmed."
Regarding Ashe's increased utility vs other marksmen, Scruffy noted
"Yes I definitely agree, what makes ashe a very different marksman than the rest is the fact that she brings so much utility. I think that we actually would like more of the other marksmen to have as much of a clear and unique thing that they bring to the game like Ashe."

As for why Ashe could use a set of changes even though her win rate is decent enough, Meddler noted:
"If a champion's got a really high win rate but is still perceived as unsatisfying and/or underpowered that's a really strong indicator that a rework would be valuable on them. Reworks aren't focused on making champs strong, but, gameplay wise at least, on making them interesting to play as and against, matching their gameplay with their theme and ensuring they feel satisfying and appropriately responsive."

When asked if these Ashe changes will end up like the Yorick changes from quite a while back, Meddler noted:
"Yorick changes were tested for a month or two a couple of years ago and then shelved. In this case we've got Ashe changes that have been tested and have a tentative timeline for release (not for a while yet though)."

As for any plans for Miss Fortune, Scruffy noted:
"Definitely MF needs some love too, we don't have anything as far along as the Ashe work is for her but there's definitely some room for improvement on MF in terms of both depth and satisfaction."

In the corresponding reddit thread, Scruffy also put up a small list of champions actively being worked on:
"Of those listed, these are actually currently being worked on: 
The others had some experimental stuff from a long time ago but are not currently "in the pipe" as they say. We are probably going to re pick up the Yorick work very soon but probably start it fresh."

Evelynn PBE Changes

When asked why the  reintroduced stacking movement speed buff passive was removed from Evelynn's W on the PBE after only a brief period of testing, Meddler noted:
"We'll be testing out a couple of different possible buffs. We agree Eve needs a bit of help, but are still figuring out what exact changes that should entail."

What decides who gets a new skin?

In a boards thread inquiring that factors into champions getting new skins and why Zac doesn't have a new skin yet, Riot KateyKhaos popped in to comment:
"Hey Cipz!

I figured I'd jump in and explain a few things in regards to why certain champions are getting skins, versus others.

There's a lot that goes into deciding who will get the next skin, for example - the last time they received a skin or if the champion fits really well for an event skin (Harrowing, Snowdown, Lunar Revel, etc).

Udyr hadn't received a skin since 2013 (which was Spirit Guard Udyr). It'd been a while since his last skin, and Definitely Not Udyr fit well with the April Fools' thematic we were going with. As you've seen, the skins in this set are a bit more light-hearted and fun.

You're correct in that Zac needs a skin. We keep a list of champions who are in need of skins, and we're slowly making our way through the list. For example, Akali just got her Headhunter skin after waiting the better part of three years for a skin. Zac is a special snowflake in terms of his model since it stretches a lot, so a lot of textures aren't going to look right on him. That's not to say he's not ever going to receive a skin again, but it's partially the reason why this goo guy hasn't received as many skins as Annie.

Taric needs a bit of love in regards to his model before we attempt to give him a skin he deserves. Evelynn is in a similar boat. The reason she received Safecracker Evenlynn was because she fit in really well with the 'cops and robbers' type theme, and a 750 RP skin was something that accepted the limitations of her current rig and model.

Hope this clears things up!"

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