Champion and Skin Sale 3/17 - 3/20

Posted on at 7:01 AM by frostyNinja
A new champion and skin sale starts tomorrow! Between March 17th and March 20th, you'll be able to pick up Glacial Malphite for 675 RP, Dreadknight Garen for 487 RP, Giant Enemy Crabgot for 260 RP, Lucian for 487 RP, Shyvana for 440 RP and Akali for 395 RP.
Continue reading for a better look at this sale's discounted skins!

Glacial Malphite (675 RP)

Dreadknight Garen (487 RP)*

NOTE: Dreadknight Garen is available for FREE for most servers for following LoL on twitter! Click here: Riot Games support article // woobox redemption (select appropriate server - NA/EU/TR/OCE/RU/BR - LAN gets Commando Garen instead) 

Giant Enemy Crabgot (260 RP)

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