Red Post Collection: Meddler on Mordekaiser and Veigar, Lunar Revel skins still coming in 5.2, and more!

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[~9 PM PST: Small PBE patch just went out. Nothing too interesting in it, 5.3 cycle is wrapping up on PBE!]

This morning's red post collection features Meddler commenting on the upcoming Mordekaiser and Veigar changes mentioned in the 5.2 patch notes, Ququroon noting the updated Tristana splash art is still being worked on, KateyKhaos confirming the Lunar Revel skins are still coming in 5.2, and more!
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Meddler on proposed  Katarina, Mordekaiser and Veigar changes

With the removal of DFG in patch 5.2, the patch notes mentioned that Katarina, Mordekaiser, and Veigar were all being looked at for follow up changes in the next patch.

When asked about the status of these changes are the 5.3 PBE is currently wrapping up and they are no where to found, Meddler replied:
"Kat changes didn't quite do what we'd hoped so they've been pulled for now. Might get revisited at some point, no definitive plans though. 
Veigar and Morde changes are tentatively scheduled for 5.4 - they've proved to be tougher jobs than originally hoped."

When asked about Veigar specifically, Meddler elaborated:
"Odds are very high Veigar won't just be straight buffed. His kit's got some serious counterplay issues (undodgeable instant stun when used right, two point and click nukes) that we need to address. Bundled with counterplay improvements though should be some better tools for Veigar himself (e.g. less binary tools, so he's got better options in tough lanes, lower mana costs, lower CDs, bit more range on some stuff etc - note these aren't set in stone changes though, just possibilities). 
With you on the megalomania feel, and we've got no desire to change that."
He continued:
"As above Veigar's got some counterplay problems. We want to make him healthier to play against, so it's ok if he's strong, rather than buffing him only to feel we immediately have to nerf him because of how he can be to play against."
Meddler continued, noting a few ideas for these "counterplay problems":
"Q as skillshot's one of the things we're trying, not sure if it's currently on the kit in testing or not. 
Giving E a brief delay to play up the 'where do I stand inside the cage?' aspect, and then potentially increasing its range or lowering its CD's also being investigated."

As for the tentative plan for Mordekaiser, Meddler explained:
"Current direction with Morde involves:
  • Making him tankier (let him survive in a fight longer, align with his thematics)
  • Shifting him to more of a sustained damage dealer, less of a burst character (better match with a tanky champ, play up the teamplay on both sides from someone being tagged by his ult, rather than just having someone vanish in a cloud of damage and a Ghost appear)."
He continued:
"Current intent is that he'll still build AP and be based around his spells, but will live longer/kill slower."

Updated Tristana Splash still in the works

As you may recall, Tristana's updated splash to go along with her champion update in 5.2 was pulled from the PBE so the team could continue to iterate and polish it.

When asked how that is working out, Ququroon commented:
"Working on it! It won't be in 5.3, but we're trying to get it out quickly (but only when it's ready)."

Lunar Revel Skins still coming out sometime in patch 5.2

Just in case you were starting to become concerned, Riot KateyKhaos posted on the boards earlier today to reiterate that the three new Lunar Revel skins are still slated to be release during the current patch, patch 5.2:
"It's definitely not cancelled. :] 
As stated in the 5.2 patch notes, the Lunar Revel skins will be coming out in patch 5.2."
Previews for these upcoming skins can be found here:

DJ Sona to have discount on launch

While he didn't give any numbers, WizardCrab confirmed that DJ Sona - our third ultimate skin -  will have some sort of price discount when she is initially made available for purchase.
"DJS is way bigger than SGU or PFE, but there will be an opportunity for players to pick her up at a small discount."

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