Red Post Collection: February 2nd Patch Update, Updated Refer-A-Friend is live, Shop Exploit Being Fixed, and more!

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Tonight's red post collection features a look at several bug fixes that went out in the February 2nd patch update, a heads up that the updated Refer-A-Friend is now live, Riot Hawknet commenting on a store exploit that was seen on several popular streams earlier today, and much, much more!
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February 2nd Patch Update

The patch 5.2 notes have been updated to reflect several bugfixes that were pushed to live earlier today!
"When we changed Nidalee's "Hunt" passive to apply to jungle monsters, we also made it so that hunted monsters would be rooted for 2 seconds when debuffed. This was to prevent those frustrating situations when Nidalee would spear a monster over a wall only to have it run out of Pounce range trying to get her. This was included with Nidalee's 5.2 changes, we just forgot to document this one. Sorry! " 
QUIT RUNNING I'M TRYING TO HUNT - 'Hunted' monsters are also rooted for 2 seconds after being debuffed so that Nidalee can actually get in range to Pounce on them. This change was included in 5.2, we just forgot to document it. Sorry! 
Mouse Inputs
BUGFIX - Fixed an issue causing combinations of high mouse sensitivity and low FPS to result in delayed response when clicking repeatedly 
STILL NOT ZAC - Fixed a visual bug that turned Primal Udyr into a stretchy blob after dying and respawning"

Refer-A-Friend Update is live

The updated Refer-A-Friend system is here, bringing with it significantly reduced requirements for the coveted Medieval Twitch and Grey Warwick skins!
At this time, the updated Refer-A-Friend is now available on these specific servers:

NA / EUW / EUNE / TR  / BR 

Likewise, the Riot Support website's Refer-A-Friend article  has also been updated to include the updates. If you did not claim your rewards from the older - 1.0 and 2.0 - Referral System prior to the updates, those are being automatically distributed.

For more context on why the system was changed, check out the "Upcoming Changes to Refer-A-Friend" article from last year.

[As Seen On Stream] Shop Exploit being Fixed

Earlier today, several high profile streamers - including imaqtpie, nightblue3, and scarra - had their account comprised on stream and were drained of their IP and RP in front of their audience.

In a reddit thread on the situation, Hawknet swooped in to comment:
"We're getting this fixed right now, though we can't speak to the specifics of the exploit or the explanations fellow Redditors have been offering. What we can say is that we can see everyone who was hit by an attack, and we'll be returning all RP/IP that was lost. 
Since the store was involved, we also want to reassure you that this didn't expose any personal information like credit card numbers. Your data is safe."
As for more details on what happened today, Hawknet continued:
"When dealing with exploits like this, we generally don't discuss technical details to avoid giving away any unnecessary information to folks that would take advantage. Details are always awesome, but in this case I can't really give any other than that we know what the issue was and fixed it."
When asked if this was related to a similar issue from two years ago, Riot Hawknet continued:
"Responding to my own post here with some more information. I had a discussion just now with a guy on our Store team, and the issue brought up two years ago is unrelated to this latest incident. While data that isn't normally visible in the in-client store (like total RP purchased) was at one point viewable via html, steps were taken to remove this information. 
So, we've got an emergent issue on our hands, and while it isn't related to past reports or issues, still warrants followup on what went wrong and what we can learn from it."

Phreak on Recent Ahri Changes

In a reddit thread discussing the recent Ahri changes on the PBE, Phreak stepped in to explain his outlook on her recent rework and the tentative changes currently on the PBE

[Note: The post he is responding too is quite lengthy and can be found here]
"This is all built around the assumption that "her core weakness is that she can be ganked pre-6"

I'm sorry, but that's ludicrous. She used to be easier to gank pre-6, and now it's a bit harder. Ok, so that changed a little bit. So what?

Here's the thing: Ahri didn't have a real weakness. If the only weakness you can point out is, "Well, for 6 minutes you could kill her, but for the other 35 she could do whatever she wanted" that's stupid. That's not good design, that's not healthy, that's not anything good. For what it's worth, a lot of the reason LeBlanc is frustrating is because of this - She just sort of does whatever she wants all game and you just have to deal with it.

You also mentioned "ruining her build diversity." It's not mentioned anywhere outside the intro. So I'm really not sure where that point's headed.

And Ahri already IS squishy. She's one of the frailest champions in the game. Even Annie has an Armor/MR shield. Cassiopeia builds fairly tanky with (RoA/Seraph + Rylai's). The point of the changes is to actually EXPOSE the squishiness. Her W puts her in Equilibrium Strike range. GOOD.

See, here's the thing about Ahri now. She's really mobile. She has medium-speed medium-range skillshots. She also has non-skillshots with very short range. You know what's cool about that? She can skirt around medium range poking with skillshots. She can also use her high mobility to get into close range and put herself at actual risk to land her reliable damage. Sounds like an actual weakness! She's in range of Equilibrium Strike if she wants to do more than poke. And then skillfully use her movement speed buffs and dashes (with long cooldowns after) in order to succeed.

Sounds a hell of a lot better than, "Well, now it's after 6 minutes, her core weakness is gone."

Also, increasing the mana cost of Q DOES affect her early game: If she can't simply spam Q on cooldown for immense sustain and easy wave clear, she's going to have less overall sustain and forced to walk into autoattack range to last hit more often.

Ultimately, it's always tricky dealing with reworks, either small- or large-scale. I'd consider Ahri's total changes now a small-scale rework. Ahri now:
  • Is much more mobile than before. She's arguably the most mobile mage in the game who can't dash over walls before level 6.
  • Has a medium-range poke pattern as well as a short-range all-in pattern that uses multiple rotations of spells (as opposed to Fizz just REQW'ing you, Ahri Q-R-E-W-R-Q-W-R-W) supported by a lot of mobility to keep her in the fight (as opposed to something like Jax who just tanks you until he gets multiple ulti hits)
Ahri no longer: * Hits you with her entire kit from out of your counter-attack range and then dashes away

And of course, any time a champion "no longer" does something, everyone who's attached to it gets really scared, because a specific thing their champion used to do doesn't exist any more. But really, Ahri shouldn't be hitting you with non-skillshots while dodging everything you ever do. If she's hitting you with non-skillshots, you should be able to hit her back. Ahri's power is in getting to choose when those windows are. That's always been the core power of Ahri: Her ability to choose those windows and if she chose wrong, say "Oh crap" and burn her other two Rs backwards."

Ability VFX and 750 RP Skins

When asked why Inquisitor Nautilus has a change to his W vfx and Marauder Ashe still has icy blue arrows despite both being 750 RP tier skiin, Riot KateyKhaos commented:
"We change a particle when it's something that would look really awkward if we didn't. 
For example, Nautilus' Titan's Wrath shields on his base skin would look really out of place with the new armor he's got. We also changed his eye glow because having two red glowing eyes coming out of a helmet with six slits would look pretty crappy. 
We did the same thing with Sivir's Boomerang Blade. It wouldn't make sense if it looked as though she were throwing a different weapon, as compared to the one she's holding. 
We felt that Marauder Ashe still made a good amount of sense, even with her base particles."
As for why Sherwood Forest Ashe - an even cheaper skin - has recolored vfx, KateyKhaos noted:
"Sherwood Forest Ashe was a skin created before we truly established what kind of things would be going into each skin tier. In 2013, we created this list which details each skin tier a bit more clearly."

For a look at these and other upcoming skins from PBE, check out this post.

[Continued] NA Server Roadmap 

Following the NA server roadmap update from a few days ago, Ahab swung back by the boards to iterate the plan for the NA servers - moving them to a more centralized location.
"The current plan involves a server move from West Coast to a more centralized location, which when paired with this network, should provide a quality connection to as many players as possible across NA without fracturing the community."

Funny Buffs  Being Removed?

In a reddit thread asking why funny buffs such as the ninja based champions "flippin' ninja" buff - have been removed in recent patches, Riot Rayven commented:
They did this a while ago and stated it was to remove clutter when they moved the buff icons.
dingdingding! We'll find better places for character expression than the buff bar."
As for the ever humorous "Eggnivia" name in chat when Anivia is in her passive form,  Riot Rayven noted:
"Not sure about the removal of egg-life. I'll ask around next week to see if it was intentional."

[Bug] Pulsefire Ezreal model resetting

In a reddit thread showcasing a bug that resets Pulsefire Ezreal's evolving model back to it's base model on death,  Riot Riscx noted it is a known issue and will be fixed in 5.3!
"Hey guys, we've noted this issue - thanks for the report! should be resolved in 5.3"

Fantasy LCS Mobile App on the List

When asked about the possibility of a mobile app for tracking Fantasy LCS, Riot Twillig noted:
"Yup, this is on our backlog of the "big list of things to do". We want you to be able to experience the joy/agony of watching your fantasy team wherever you may be."

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