Marauder and Warden skins now available!

Posted on at 11:04 AM by Moobeat
Marauder Ashe,Marauder Warwick,Warden Nautilus,&Warden Sivir are now available for 750 RP each!
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From the official release announcement:
"One side razes everything just for fun. The other side obliterates entire nations to uphold the law. Unfortunately, there’s no third side.
Avoid getting caught between a rock and a slightly shinier other rock. Suit up with Warden Nautilus and Sivir or Marauder Warwick and Ashe, available now in the League of Legends store for 750 RP each."

Marauder Ashe and Warwick

Marauder Ashe

750 RP

Marauder Warwick

750 RP

Warden Nautilus and Sivir

Warden Nautilus

750 RP

Warden Sivir

750 RP

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