This Week in eSports:LCS Starting Soon, Mid-Season Invitational announced, "Primetime League" show, and more!

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With only a few days left before the start of NA/EU LCS,  we are back with another recap!
Continue reading for more information, including the latest league standings, a look at Riot's promotional content heading into the LCS season, information on the new "Mid-Season Invitational", and more!

Current Standings:

[ Standings Accurate as of posting on Sunday, January 18th]

[Korea] LCK:

  • Top four (W/L)
  • GE Tigers - (3-0)
  • CJ Entus - (2-0)
  • SK Telecom T1 - (2-1)
  • Jin Air Greenwings (1-1) 

[China] LPL:

  • Top Four (W/T/L) - Points
  • OMG (2-0-0) - 6 Points
  • Invictus Gaming (2-0-0) - 6 Points
  • Snake  (2-0-0) - 6 Points
  • LGD Gaming (2-0-0) - 6 Points 


  • Top Four (W/L)
  • Taipei Assassins - (6-0)
  • Hong Kong Esports - (4-1)
  • ahq e-Sports Club - (4-2) 
  •  yoe Flash Wolves - (2-1)

Tournament/Scene News:

  • [All] Riot has also announced "Primetime League", a new show that will air live on Twitch weekly, starting at 3 PM PST on Jan 21st. 
  • From Riot's announcement article: "PrimeTime League, Riot’s brand-new weekly show, premieres on January 21 at 3pm PST / 12am CET. Hosted by Jatt and Riv, PTL offers an inside look at the professional League of Legends scene, entertaining you with an attitude that’s as irreverent as it is informative. It’s the LCS Preview Show with a new name, a new day, and a world of LoL esports. In addition to getting fan-favorite segments like The Penta, Mic Check, and The Last Hit, you'll also hear from our cast of global correspondents, ranging from PastryTime to Sjokz. We'll be digging into all of the biggest leagues --the EU and NA LCS, Korea’s LCK, China’s LPL, and many others." 
  • Not quite sold? Checked out these promo videos from various LCS personalities!  

  • [NA LCS] Riot has released an update regarding NA live events in 2015, including mention that the NA LCS 2015 Summer Playoffs WILL NOT BE HELD AT PAX PRIME and that they will be expanding to more live events in different locations across the country. The full announcement can be found here
  • Quote concerning additional eSports Events in NA:
"When it comes to esports, this year we’re planning to bring LCS to more esports fans across North America. This means more stops and events outside of the West Coast and more opportunities for esports fans across the region to join us for live events. Additionally, refocusing away from existing conventions like PAX gives us the chance to create a tailored experience for League players and esports fans, with venue setups specifically optimized for the live esports experience rather than the space and logistical restrictions that come along with being part of an existing con. Check out today’s announcement about our Mid-Season Invitational and All-Star 2015 for a sneak peek at just a few of the events we’ll be sharing more details on soon.
As the NA event scene continues to evolve, we want to make sure we’re hosting amazing live events for League in different locations (all across the US and Canada) and for all types of players. While that means you might not always see us at the same events every year, it also means we can explore new venues and opportunities. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as we finalize our plans and give you plenty of advance notice for events, so keep an eye out for announcements on Boards and"

  • [Mid Season Invitational] Riot announced a new "Mid=Season Invitational" which will be a new international event held in May, between the Spring and Summer splits.
  • Quick Hits:
  • "MSI will take place on May 7-10, 2015 in North America"
  • "MSI will act as the major event at the halfway point in the LoL esports season, pitting the winners of the Spring Splits of the NA LCS, LCK, LPL, LMS, and EU LCS against each other. Additionally, the winning team from the International Wild Card Invitational (more details below) will join them." 
  • "MSI won’t be replacing All-Star 2015 (ASG) -- this will be moving to the offseason in December, post-Worlds." 

    Team News

    North America:

    • Team Liquid announced their formation of a challenger team - Liquid Academy. Currently on the roster are the following players:
      • zig
      • beibei
      • Ennui
      • JoJo
      • Nyjacky

    • Alex Ich announced that he would be joining BrawL as a starting mid laner, in addition to his currently being a substitute on Team 8. 


    • sOAZ announced he would be joining Origen alongside xPeke, Mithy, and Amazing. 


    • Fzzf , formerly of Edward Gaming, announced that he would be retiring from competitive League

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