This Week in eSports: LCK W1, LCS team and roster changes, 2015 Challenger changes, and much more!

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With the competitive season starting soon, This Week in eSports is back with a massive recap!
Continue reading for more information, including  the results from LCK Week 1, the last roster confirmations and LCS team changes, challenger team  changes for the 2015 season, and more!

Current Standings:

LCK (Korea):

  • The first week of LCK (Korea's League of Legends Champions) conclucded this week and here are the current standings:
  • A full schedule for LCK (which now broadcasts on Riot's channel instead of the OGN channel) can be found here while VoDs can be found on Riot's Youtube channel.

Tournament/Scene News:

  • [Reminder] LCS begins on January 22nd with EU LCS and on the 24th for NA LCS! There's a TON of changes coming to the structure of the LCS as well as the structure of the challenger scene - be sure to check out the links below for a more in depth preview of the changes! 

      • The 10th place LCS team will automatically be moved to the Challenger Series for the next split. The 1st place Challenger team will automatically earn a spot in the LCS.
      • LCS teams will receive championship points based on their performance in the LCS playoffs each split. The points will be used to determine seeding for the World Championship and Regional Qualifiers for North America and Europe.
      • The winner of the Summer Split and the team with the most championship points throughout the season will both qualify for Worlds for their respective region. The NA and EU Regional Qualifiers will determine the final seeds for Worlds.

  • [VoDs/Broadcasts] Riot has announced that full broadcast VoDs will be available for both LCK (Korea) and LPL (China) on as well as the youtube channel

  • [Reminder] OCE Challenger Series has begun! Eight teams will be competing for a shot at qualifying for the Oceanic Pro League. The Pro League leads directly to a spot in the International Wildcard tournament for the 2015 World Finals

    Team News

    North America:

    • Team Liquid recently merged alongside Team Curse in order to form a brand new team completely free of Curse affiliation. Full details including the roster and the announcement for the launch of can be found over on their brand new site!  
    Liquid logo.png

    • CLG will be using Benny as a replacement for Zionspartan during the first week of the NA LCS due to them breaking the poaching rules (again). 
      • CLG was fined $2,000 while Doublelift was fined $2,500
      • Zionspartan will not be able to play with CLG during the first week of LCS

    • Gravity (The new brand and name for the former Curse Academy) has officially been announced alongside their starting lineup. 
      • Top - Hauntzer
      • Jungle - Saintvicious
      • Mid - Keane
      • AD - Cop
      • Support - Bunny FuFuu

    • Winterfox (formerly Evil Genuises) announced their new brand alongside their new roster recently. 
      • Top - Avalon
      • Jungle - Helios
      • Mid - Pobelter
      • ADC - Altec
      • Support - Imagine
      • Support - Gleeb (due to issues with Imagine traveling) 
    Winterfox Logo Update.png

    • Krepo announced that he would be joining Cloud9 as a streamer.

    • Both Gleeb and Maknoon announced they would be parting ways with Team Fusion.  

    • Team Impulse (formerly LMQ) has solidified their roster for the upcoming season.
      • Top - Impact
      • Jungle - Rush
      • Mid - XiaoWeiXiao
      • AD - Apollo (formerly known as Wizfujiin)
      • Support - Adrian
    TIP Logo.jpg

    • Cloud 9 has officially announced their new challenger team - Cloud9 G2A
      • Top - Solo
      • Jungle - Hard
      • Mid - Yusui
      • AD - LOD 
      • Support - Stixxay


    • Fnatic has announced their new roster for the 2015 Season! 
      • Top - Huni
      • Jungle - Reignover
      • Mid - Febiven
      • AD - Steeelback
      • Support - YellOwStaR

    • Team Roccat announced their final player for the upcoming season - Nukeduck will be joining the team starting in mid! 

    • Elements (previously Alliance) announced their re branded team as well as their initial roster for the 2015 season! 
      • Top - Wickd
      • Jungle - Shook
      • Mid - Froggen
      • AD - Rekkles
      • Support - Nyph 

    • H2k announced that they have signed Ryu (formerly of KT Bullets) to place mid for them in the upcoming Spring Split. This comes after Febiven announced he would be leaving the team and joining Fnatic



    • EDG announced that they were parting ways with their ADC NaMei. 

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