Red Post Collection: Music of League of Legends Volume 1 now available, The Curse of the Sad Mummy discussion, Note on DS and BC Poro Wards, and more!

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This morning's red post collection includes a look at the new 15 track collection of League of Legends music, as well as  discussion on "The Curse of the Sad Mummy", KateyKhaos with a brief comment on the still unreleased Dragonslayer and Battlecast wards, and more!
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Music of League of Legends - Volume 1 now available

Following "The Curse of the Sad Mummy"'s music video, Riot has released a collection of fifteen League of Legends songs for free download!

From the the Music of League of Legends - Volume 1 promotional page:
"Experience moments woven within the League of Legends universe through soaring scores and victorious anthems. Listen as 15 new and classic League tracks come together for the first time beyond the game. This is the Music of League."

On January 28th, the album will be available on amazon mp3, Grooveshark, iTunes, Spotify, and more! Song credits available here, or via the link on the bottom right corner of the page.

Here's a look at all fifteen songs, which have all been uploaded to youtube with snazzy visuals!

Regarding the music being used for streams, Hitstreak tweeted out
"FYI @Twitch streamers, the Music of #LeagueofLegends Volume 1 is white-listed for streaming."
"YouTube is also covered!"

The Curse of the Sad Mummy and The Music of LoL, Vol 1

Following the release of the new  "The Curse of the Sad Mummy" music video earlier today, Praeco - who also sang the piece - tweeted out
[1] "Some more stuff coming the next few days... this was just the first serve."
[2] "thanks :) we will release more stuff in the next 2-3 days actually."
[Note: These were tweeted prior to the release of Music of League of Legends - Volume 1]

Regarding the song released today, he also noted:
"but yeah we're planning to release the sheet music"
As for the purpose behind the video, Ryze clarified:
"This one is not tied to any sort of rework or visual upgrade (sorry to disappoint :-P) This piece was just pretty organic, the result of passion around Amumu and the team kindling a creative spark. We'll actually be sharing some of the story behind the piece in the coming days for those who want a window into our process for this type of thing. 
We know it's a slight departure from the kinetic Jinx & Warriors pieces and a bit of a punch in the feels, especially on Monday morning, but hopefully you guys feel like it touches a different note and captures Amumu.".

Dragonslayer and Battlecast Poro Wards

When asked about the still unreleased Battlecast and Dragonslayer Poro Ward skins now that the  Underworld Poro ward is available to purchase (through Jan 30th) on live, Riot KateyKhaos noted:
"Hey there! 
The other two poro wards will be coming, though, I don't have the exact dates for you. With that being said, the other two wards that aren't released will be available for a good chunk of time, and won't be heading into the vault on January 30th."

Jaredan on Lore related Tech Issues and Content Delays

In a thread asking about the prolonged silence from the lore / narrative team, Jaredan popped in to comment again on the technical issues that are facing and his personal engagement on the boards:
"I'm fine with discussing the reset of Runeterra, the issue is I've put forward answers that folks, understandably, don't agree with and it's hard to respond with points that will be satisfying as they're dependent on the content we want to produce due to the changes we have made. When I continue to give similar answers, the response from players on the boards (again, understandably) is that I'm not saying anything new and that "trust us" isn't a viable response in the time between content.

I can reiterate until the cows come home, but until they're carrying some stories with them (that metaphor got away from me quickly), I feel like I'm just being annoying to a bunch of folks—mainly as they tell me how annoyed they are.

The tech issue has been about as frustrating as it could be all around. From my perspective, being able to talk specifically about new content, about those champs and their affect on the world of Runeterra, is the primary way to really engage about the world of story we want to build without it being hypothetical. For folks on the board, it must seem bewildering that something as apparently simple as putting words on a web page can go on for so long. The complexities are there though. We're trying to get a solution that frees us to deliver content a little differently from a technical standpoint and there have been hiccups as we go, as seen by the unfortunate Amumu-related occurrence last month. That was a test run that didn't work out.

The tech-issue alone has not been the complete reason for the delay in some of the content we want to deliver.

Narrative is undergoing a number of changes as we attempt to level up in much the way the Art team has in recent years. I'm not going to be able to talk specifics, but it includes prioritization, organizational structure, personnel and so on. In other words: lots of stuff. Before anyone asks: I'm not going to talk about specific people who are not part of the Narrative discipline out of respect for them. It's an endeavor that has taken up a lot of my personal time, but I certainly should be engaging more than I have. I'm attempting to rectify that.

My personal lack of engagement in the last couple of months is, no matter the circumstances, utterly my fault, and I apologize for that. Continuing to foster a positive dialogue with you should always be a priority and I've been unable to respond in the way I want to.

I greatly appreciate everyone's passion on these boards, I share it, as does every member of the Narrative team. I simply want to be one of the many folks helping to move things forward, both in the content Narrative produces, and in the conversations between us and you, the players."
[The "Amumu-related occurrence last month" is was this WIP story that made its way on to the PBE in the 5.1 cycle, only to be later removed.]

Meddler on Fizz and Stealth Ward bug

When asked about the undocumented change in that allows you to dash or blink out of Fizz's Q, Meddler explained:
"Yeah, our bad there, that Fizz Q change should have either been patch noted or not gone out. In this case someone was fixing a different, minor Sheen related bug with Fizz's Q and incorporated this change into that work, without realizing that then made this a good thing to note down."
He also commented on a bug with ward where they don't stealth as fast as intended:
"That should be fixed in either the next patch or the one after that, very much an unintended bug."

Voice Processing and 1350 RP skins

Using the upcoming Arclight Vel'Koz as an example, Riot Katey Khaos also commented on voice processing other things that go into making a skin 1350 RP rather than 975.
TL;DR -The work behind voice filters are not translated nearly as well as the work behind particles and animations as far as final product goes. You think there's a way to streamline the development of voice filters so that they can be cheaper? As a customer, seeing a cool skin go from 975 to 1350 RP is depressing just because you gave him/her smoke a pack of expensive tobacco.
Hey there! 
I think you're referring to what I'd said about Arclight Vel'Koz.

First things first, it's not voice a voice filter, it's voice processing. In Vel'Koz's case, our audio guys made the music/sound that is played behind his voice. After that part's done, it's mixed into Vel'Koz's base VO. Then, the audio guys spend time making sure the levels are okay, and the sounds aren't drowning out what the tentacle monster is trying to say.

We don't process every skin's voice because we reserve it for skins where the overall fantasy makes more sense if they sounded a bit different. Mecha is a prime example of this.
With that being said, that's not all that makes him a 1350 RP skin. He also has a suite of new sound effects that are different from his base.

You'll notice that when a champion has a bunch of new sounds, as opposed to a new model, texture and particles, it's often a 1350 RP skin. A couple examples of this would be Arcade Miss Fortune and Arcade Sona.

We've outlined a general guide for what kinds of new stuff each tier of will have included here."

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