This Week in eSports: IEM San Jose results, xPeke and Cyanide leaving FNATIC, and more!

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With IEM San Jose wrapped up, we're back with another edition of This Week in eSports!
Continue reading for more information, including the results of IEM San Jose, Cyanide and xPeke leaving FNATIC, and more! 

Tournament/Scene News:

  • This weekend played host to IEM San Jose , which included several NA and EU LCS teams battling it out for a smoonth $50,000 in prizes!
    • Results:
    • 1st - Cloud9
    • 2nd - Unicorns of Love 
    • ARAM Showmatch - Chicks Dig Elo
    • VoDs can be found here

  • Riot officially announced their viewing numbers for the 2014 Worlds. including:
    • 288 Million cumulative daily unique impressions
    • 179 million viewed hours of eSports
    • Highest number viewing at once - 11.2 Million

  • [Reminder] The Expansion Tournament , which decides which two teams will fill the final spots in the 2015 LCS season, has started up and will run almost every weekend through December 21st!

  • The first few rounds of the expansion tournament are over for North America and Europe! Here's a list of the teams still in the running and will be participating in the offline round of the tournament:
    • NA
      • Final Five
      • Coast
      • Fusion
      • Curse Academy 
    • Europe
      • Giants Gaming
      • H2k
      • n!faculty
      • Reason Gaming

Off Season Team News

North America:

  • Dignitas announced their new lineup for the 2015 Season:
    • Gamsu - Top
    • Crumbzz - Jungle
    • Shiphtur - Mid
    • Core JJ  AD
    • KiWiKiD - Support



    • Fly (previously of Jin Air) and Save (previously of NaJin White Shield) both join Invictus Gaming
    • Dade and Looper (formerly from Samsung White/Blue) both joined Team WE Academy. 
    • Ackerman (formerly of LMQ and now known as GodLike) rejoined Star Horn Royal Club
    • Vasilii (formerly of LMQ) announced he would be joining Vici Gaming along with head coach Homme (former top laner/team captain of Samsung White)
    • Spirit (formerly of Samsung Blue) announced he would be joining Team WE
    • Flame announced he would be leaving CJ Entus and Ambition would be moving to the jungle role. 
    • PawN (formerly of Samsung White) announced he would be joining EDward Gaming

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