This Week in eSports - Expansion Tournament continues, Roster Swaps, Deman and Joe Miller not part of the 2015 LCS

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We're back with another edition of This Week in eSports!
Continue reading for more information, including the latest on the on-going Expansion tournament, statements from Deman and Joe Miller regarding their leaving the EU LCS, and more! 

Tournament/Scene News:

  • [Reminder] The Expansion Tournament , which decides which two teams will fill the final spots in the 2015 LCS season, has started up and will run almost every weekend through December 21st!
  • The first few rounds of the expansion tournament are over for North America and Europe! Here's a list of the teams still in the running and will be participating in the offline round of the tournament:
    • NA
      • Final Five
      • Coast
      • Fusion
      • Curse Academy 
    • Europe
      • Giants Gaming
      • H2k
      • n!faculty
      • Reason Gaming
  • [EU LCS] The shoutcaster duo of Deman and Joe Miller have announced they will not be part of the 2015 EU LCS

  • [OCE] Riot recently announced their plan for the upcoming Oceania season - including league and challenger play along with a host of other changes. Be sure to check out their post for all the details! 

Off Season Team News

North America:

  • TSM recently announced the first of their lineup changes. Santorin will be joining TSM in the jungle role for the 2015 season. 
  • Innox announced that he would not be resigning with Evil Genuises and will instead be focusing more on mid lane instead of top. 
  • No Name recently announced his retirement from competitive gaming after the LMQ roster shuffle that happened earlier this year. 


  • SK Gaming announced their new roster for the upcoming 2015 Season the full roster including management is below:


  • Imp announced that he would be joining the Chinese LGD Gaming for the upcoming season. 

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