Snowdown 2014: Legend of the Poro King, Snow Day Malzahar, Winter Wonder Orianna, Poro Rider Sejuani, new ward skins, and new summon icons now available!

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Snowdown is here and all of the new content is now available for purchase!

 Now though January 6th, you can pick up Snow Day Malzahar, Poro Rider Sejuani, Winter Wonder Orianna, new summoner icons, and three new poro ward skins. You'll also be able to battle it out and earn exclusive rewards in the  Legend of the Poro King game mode!
Continue reading for a better look at the cool new holiday content!

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  • New Ward Skins

Snowdown's here!

Snowdown is here and all sorts of new content - ranging from new skins to a new poro-riffic game mode - is now available until Jan 6th!

"Gather your friends, for Snowdown draws near.
Don't say me, I or them, we're together this year.
There's a chill in the air and frost on the scene -- 

In big comfy chairs, it's forward we lean
Mice flicking, Keys clacking, our skillshots land clean.
No earmuffs for us -- we wear headsets, you see. 

Minds focused, eyes wide and lit up with glee
We win some, we lose some, that's how the game goes
But that's fine, we're together, among friends, no foes."

Check our your region specific Snowdown promo page for more information on all the new stuff!

New Champion Skins

This year's Snowdown features three new legacy skins, all of which are priced at 975 RP and will be available until January 6th!

Snow Day Malzahar

975 RP
"The Poropocalypse is nigh! Snow Day Malzahar is shredding the Snowdown slopes, blanketing the world in icy slush as he goes. And with creepy void poros loitering at his side, it’s clear that visions of sugar plums aren’t dancing in this prophet’s head.
Hit the Snowdown slopes with Snow Day Malzahar, available until 2 AM PST on January 6 in the League of Legends store for 975 RP."

Winter Wonder Orianna

975 RP
From the official release announcement:
"After transforming her whirling ball of doom into a clockwork poro of death, Winter Wonder Orianna is wound up and ready for Snowdown! Slinging snowflakes left and right, she’s been chasing stray poros away from her new toy ever since she showed up.
Porofy your life with Winter Wonder Orianna, available until 2 AM PST on January 6 in the League of Legends store for 975 RP."

Poro Rider Sejuani

975 RP
"Joined by her trusty war-poro, Poro Rider Sejuani is serving up a Snowdown smackdown! She’s swatting away kill-hungry foes and slinging sugar-coated donuts at any threat to her giant ball of fluff. Be careful around that poro though - he tends to slobber.
Swat away kill-hungry foes with Poro Rider Sejuani, available until 2 AM PST on January 6 in the League of Legends store for 975 RP."

New Ward Skins

We also have THREE new poro themed wards, all of which are priced at 640 RP, will be legacy content, and available until  January 30th!

Poro Ward 

Astro Poro Ward

Gentleman Poro Ward

Legend of the Poro King Game mode

Snowdown 2014 also includes the Legend of the Poro King game mode, which pits poro equipped champions against each other on the Howling Abyss!
"Tired of hiding in the brush, the poros are itching to join the fray! In Legend of the Poro King, you’ll notice two poro friends following you into the fight. Each grants a summoner spell exclusive to Legend of the Poro King. They’re also the key to summoning the resplendently grandiloquent Poro King, a super (royal) minion that heals your team, regenerates mana and deals AoE damage while lumbering across the bridge to punish enemy towers. Early research points to the King’s moustache as the source of his power."
Seek an audience with the king in this gameplay trailer:

The new gamemode em-poros your champion with two summoner spells :
Poro Toss
"Cast Poro Toss once and sling your smaller poro across the Abyss. The range is way, way longer than you expect. And don’t worry, the poros love a good toss. After landing a hit, trigger Poro Toss again to Poro Dash, flying to your poro’s target. It’s like Lee Sin’s Q, but more endearing. Finally, when your team lands ten Poro Tosses, you summon the Poro King."
To The King!
"When the Poro King is on the scene and your team, activate To the King! to poro-fy yourself and rocket to your liege. It’s like Lee Sin’s Safeguard, but more endearing."
Poro Toss/Dash means team comps always have five initiators. Now that every champ reliably starts brawls, it’s time to settle the new poro meta. 
Keep in mind, summoning the Poro King is a massive boost to your team’s sieging potential. Don’t underestimate the AoE damage he lays down and the AoE heal he serves up. Pitch a poro every time Poro Toss is off cooldown, because the first team to rack up ten poro smacks receives a royal visit. When the King’s on your side of the fight, protect him. Conversely, depose the King immediately if he’s leading the other team."

There are a total of THREE summoner icons to earn during the event - the Slay Belle Surprise Icon, INCOMING PORO! icon, and Icon of the Poro King!
You can track your progress towards these rewards by login into your specific severs Rewards page!

Legend of the Poro King mode also equips you with a pair of combat ready poros
These poros, however, change appearance when using one of the new legacy summoner icons!

New Summoner Icons

We also have five new summoner icons! Each is priced at 250 RP and also changes the appearance of your poros in the new Legend of the Poro King featured gamemode. These icons are LEGACY and are available until the event ends on January 6th!

Dragon Slayer Poro

Astronaut Poro

Shadow Isles Poro

Gentleman Poro

Battlecast Poro

You can pick up all five in a discounted "Bundle of Fluff" bundle for 1000 RP (a 250 RP discount vs buying them individually)

Snowdown FAQ

Still have questions? Here's Riot's handy dandy Snowdown 2014 Q&A:

Game Mode Reward Icons

Q: Sweet icons, how do I get 'em?
A: Each one's a little different. Head here to read up on the exact requirements for each. 
Q: Do I have to play Legend of the Poro King to earn these icons?
 A: Yes.
Q: I fulfilled the requirements and checked my icon drawer, but my reward isn't there. What gives?
A:  Give us 24 hours from the moment you meet the requirements to work out any kinks. If you still don't have your icon, contact Player Support. They'll fix you up. 

Mystery Gifts 

Q: What's the new Mystery Chest thing? 
A: It works just like a Mystery Gift except it features content normally priced at 975 RP or more and it costs a bit more (790 RP). 
Q: Are there 2x Snowdown rewards in Mystery Gifts and Mystery Chests?
A: The chance of Snowdown content appearing is doubled for Mystery Gifts, but not Mystery Chests.

Skins and Ward Skins

Q: Which skins are legacy skins? 
A: Like previous years, this year's Snowdown skins are legacy. That's Winter Wonder Orianna, Snow Day Malzahar, and Poro Rider Sejuani. We're offering another shot at yesteryear's skins as well though. Learn more here
Q: When will they go into the vault?
A: When Snowdown ends on January 6th at 2 AM PST.
Q: What about the ward skins, are they legacy too?
A: They are, but they're not turning off until January 30th. Keep an eye out for more poro-themed ward skins in a future patch.

Poro Icons

A: First, take a deep breath, we’re gonna get through this together. You’ll need to head over to the store and unlock the icon of your choice for 250 RP. From there, switch your active summoner icon to your new poro icon by clicking the image next to your summoner name. After that, fire up a round of Legend of the Poro King and sling your newly-skinned friend to your heart’s delight.

Remember, you can’t change your summoner icon once you’re in champ select. Make your poro icon pick before you push play!
Q: Do the skins from these poro icons grant the Slaybelle Surprise icon?
A: They do not.
Q: Why can't I keep poro skins forever?
A: Poro skins were tailor-made for Legend of the Poro King, so they;ll be leaving with the game mode. Like all beautiful things, poro skins are too ephemeral for this mortal plane.
Q: I keep my icon though, right?
A: You totally do.
Q: Are poro icons legacy?
A: They are indeed. They'll be exiting the store at the end of Snowdown on January 6th at 2 AM PST.


 Q: Why is my HUD so frosty and different?
A: We thought it'd be rad for Snowdown. Your normal HUD will be back after the event concludes on January 6th at 2 AM PST. 

Legacy Content

Don't forget about the returning legacy content and mystery gifting options! Check out this post for a better look at the 23 returning  legacy champion skins, 3 returning ward skins, and oodles of bundles you can also pick up until Jan 6th!

Winter Wonder Orianna Login

Finally, we have a new Winter Wonder Orianna themed login screen to celebrate the festivities! 

Remember that Snowdown ends on January 6th!

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