This Week in eSports - Scarra joins CLG as coach, Copenhagen Wolves fined, Samsung White roster changes, and more!

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Buckle up because This Week in eSports is back with a recap of the numerous off season roster changes, upcoming changes for OGN, and the results from the Oceanic Regional Finals, and more!
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Off Season News

The "Rosterpocalypse" is back again this week, so be prepared for a TON of roster swaps (see last week's post) in the upcoming weeks leading to Season 5 and the Expansion Tournament!

North America:

  • Scarra recently announced that he would be joining CLG along with Comely as head coach and staff respectively. Tryouts for the replacements in the vacant positions will begin immediately. 
  • Team Coast announced that they would be parting ways with LOD and Santorin and bringing in Impaler and Jesiz to fill their roles (formerly from EU LCS - SHC and SK Gaming). 


  • Copenhagen Wolves were fined $1,000 for playing Airwaks and Woolite without signing valid contracts with the team. The full ruling along with more details can be found over on lolesports via RiotNickAllen 
  • Gambit Gaming's contracts recently ran out and Kubon (former top laner) announced he would not be renewing his contract. 


  • Both of Samsung's teams have announced significant roster changes: 
    • Samsung White
      • Imp, Mata, PawN, and DanDy leave the team. 
      • Imp had a conversation in which he stated he would be "taking a break" from competitive league but insists it isn't retirement.
    • Samsung Blue
      • Deft and dade announced they would be leaving the team. 
  • Limit announced he would be leaving the KT Rolster Bullets

Tournament/League News:

  • KeSPA recently announced the upcoming changes to the upcoming OGN tournament structure. Some of the major changes are listed below:
    • Organizations are allowed ONE team. No more Samsung Blue/White - only one can represent an organization. 
    • Shifted the tournament structure to a league structure
    • Expanding the infastructure and protection/welfare of Korean players (minimum salary, sponsorship help, etc.)
    • For more changes, check out the Ongamer's press release information

  • The results are listed below:
    • 1st - Avant Garde
    • 2nd - Legacy eSports
    • 3rd/4th - The Chiefs eSports Club and Dire Wolves 

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