This Week in eSports: Expansion tournament starts next weekend, ZionSpartan to CLG, and more!

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We're back with another edition of This Week in eSports, including a reminder on the upcoming Expansion tournament, ZionSpartan moving to CLG, and more!
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Off Season News

North America:

  • CLG announced that they would not be re-signing their contract with, Seraph , the team's top laner, and added Zionspartan to their lineup. 
  • CompLexity recently announced it's two recently formed teams:
    • CompLexity.Black
      • I KeNNy u - Top
      • Xmithie - Jungle
      • PR0LLY - Mid
      • ROBERTxLEE - AD
      • Bubbadub - Support
    • CompLexity.White 
      • Westrice - Top
      • Kez - Jungle
      • Goldenglue - Mid
      • Impactful - AD
      • Lohpally - Support


  • Gambit Gaming recently added Krislund to their roster (he now goes by the name P1noy). In addition to Krislund joining, they also added Cabochard (their sub) to the full time roster. 


  • CJ Blaze announced that Emperor, DayDream, and Gunza all opted not to renew their contract with the organization. 


  • Bebe (formerly of Taipei Assassins) announced his retirement this week, stating that he will move on to finish his school work. 

Tournament/League News:

  • [Reminder] The Expansion Tournament , which decides which two teams will fill the final two sports in the 2015 LCS season, is starting up next weekend and will run almost every weekend through December 21st! Be sure to tune in on November 15th, 2014 for the start of the NA expansion and November 22nd - 23rd for the start of the EU expansion!  

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