Skins still in vault hours before being stolen - Upcoming Double IP Weekend, 34 skins retiring, and more!

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At the end of November, 34 skins are being retired to legacy status and will be available for 50% over the course of four days! Additionally, everyone will be able to enjoy a Double IP Weekend and Self Mystery Gifting for a limited time!
Continue reading for more information on this upcoming promotion!

The times vary by server so check our your specific regions post:

Here's the NA version of the "Skins still in vault hours before being stolen" -
"A pair of ne’erdowells are putting the squeeze on League of Legends. In the dead of night, they broke into the store and stole Hippalus’ most prized possessions (he really loves his socks). The two best detectives in the history of detecting are on the case but, to prevent further chaos, we’re giving in to their demands. These are dark days in League… kind of. 
Here are their demands -

Double IP Weekend
From 00:01 PST November 28 through 23:59 PST November 30

Self Mystery Gifting
From 00:01 PST November 28 through 2359 PST December 1

Four days of 50% off sales

00:01 PST November 28 through 23:59 PST November 28

00:01 PST November 29 through 23:59 PST November 29

00:01 PST November 30 through 23:59 PST November 30

00:01 PST December 1 through 23:59 PST December 1

Super Ultra Mega Oversized (S.U.M.O) Bundle
All skins listed above for 60% off (champions are 50% off) in a Cho’Gath sized bundle

  • 8,896 RP (20,269 RP if you need the champions) 
We’re not sure why they chose these specific skins but, to keep them safe, we’re making all of them Legacy on December 2. They’ll go into the Skin Protection Program and reside in the Vault until it’s safe to come out, but in the meantime, keep an eye out for those dastardly villains."

Remember Legacy skins are skins that will no longer be available in the store regularly but CAN come back at a later date! You are also still able to get them from mystery gifting even after they've left the store.

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