Red Post Post: Summoner's Rift Performance Issue Tips Cassiopeia PBE changes delayed, Exploit warning, and more!

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This morning's red post collection features Riot Aeon with tips for performance issues on the Summoner's Rift open beta, Stashu and Morello with an update that the Cassiopeia changes which have been pushed back to 4.21 PBE, a notice regarding an item exploit that is floating around, and much more!
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Performance Issues on the updated Summoner's Rift

With the first phase of the updated Summoner's Rift open beta being enabled on live servers last nightRiot Aeon has put up a help thread for users experiencing performance issues on the new map:
"Hey all, 
We're hearing some reports about players hitting performance-related issues on the updated Summoner's Rift, and we're actively investigating all possible causes. 
While we look under the hood for potential optimizations on our end, there's also a possibility that the updated Rift just doesn't play nice with certain setups. For those with performance issues, we'd appreciate if you could:  
  • Update your drivers
  • Adjust your environmental settings (try turning some down, as the scales got recalibrated! Your 'medium' settings on the old SR might actually be closer to a 'low' on the updated Summoner's Rift - even with the same performance)
  • Disable HUD animations
  • Disable VSync  
If none of the above work, you can help us out by posting a description of the issue in this thread along with a DxDiag:
  • Click the START button on the bottom left corner (default) or press the Windows Key.
  • Type dxdiag in the search box and press ENTER.
  • Click "Save All Information..." on the bottom right of the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.
  • Attach the file here. 
We're seeing a lot of machines run the same or better on the new Summoner's Rift, but that's exactly what these staged rollouts are for - tracking down the unforeseen performance considerations and figuring them out. 
We'll continue to provide updates via this thread on our efforts and thanks for your patience."

Be sure to report your issues in this thread.

ManWolfAxeBoss also added:
"Thanks for all the dxdiags guys. That's going to help us solve the problem much faster. 
In the meantime, we think it may be an audio issue. I know it sucks, but if you guys disable sound you might see better performance. This isn't permanent and we're looking into a fix as I type this, but give it a shot in the interim. Thanks again. We're on it!"

[Continued] Stashu's Latest Plans for Cassiopeia delayed

When asked what happened to his previously discussed plans to test out a set of upcoming Cassiopeia changes on the PBE, Riot Stashu returned to his thread to say:
"Still not on the PBE... something weird is happening here. She's working on our internal environments, so it would seem the 'put this on pbe' button just doesn't seem to be working. Gonna escalate this today and try to get some help to get it out there for tomorrow.

Sorry guys =/"
Morello later added in:
"Yo guys,

Sorry, but we've had some nasty snafu's with our PBE push. This is some process and technical stuff that's preventing us from getting the latest Casseopia changes into the PBE - it's pretty normal development, but it'll take a bit to get that out (like about a week or so) due to how PBE and live branching works.

Stash is still iterating based on this and has new things on the kit, but we're going to have to sorta shotgun them out on his next available PBE push. And since this is a new process to him, he didn't know this when he talked to you guys.

When we can, we'll show you the stuff you've talked about on PBE. Until then, sit tight, and thanks for being cool about it! 
  • Morello"

Stashu has updated his original thread with the following update:
"EDIT: We've been experiencing some PBE problems. Finally figured it out, but now we have to wait for the 4.21 pbe push, which won't be for another week or so :/. Let's keep the discussion going here, but I'll be hesitant to make iterations until we get some heavier playtesting on the PBE. Sorry!"

Item Exploit - Working on Solution 

Riot has put out communications regarding a recent exploit. While they did not provide many details, they are noting that they are working on a fix and actively banning players abusing this "item" exploit.

Here's  RiotWulalowe with an update from the service status page:
"We are aware of an item exploit that some summoners are using. We are actively detecting and banning players abusing the exploit as well as working on a long term solution to this issue. Thank you for your patience while we work on this."

On Twitter, Triggs added in:
"We're aware of the 100-0 exploit gaining visibility right now. We're actively banning people we find using this and are working on a fix."
On the EU forums, Dromaius also commented:
"We are aware of the exploit that some players have been using to instantly eliminate champions. We are actively working on the matter to have it resolved as soon as possible. In addition, all players found guilty of using this method will receive an appropriate sanction for using it. 
There has been a fair amount of threads opened for that issue, and we will not be able to reply to each of them; we hope this post will help you see that we are working on it. 
Note that as always, naming and shaming on the forums is not allowed. If you wish to report someone for using this exploit, you may do so through our player support website."

Pendragon also commented on this BOTRK based exploit:
"We're aware of the issue and actively working on a solution. Anyone who uses the exploit will certainly be punished appropriately. 
Generally in that situation - additional reports do nothing to increase our awareness or improve our ability or desire to address it as quickly as possible, so at this point more than anything you're just raising awareness to more folks who might want to try it. 
The other thing to note that "proof" in the sense of calling out an individual is certainly witch-hunting. We have technological means to identify and verify people who are doing this."

Story Conclusions

When asked if we can ever expect a conclusion to any of the several on-going story lines (recently Freljord, Shurima, Harrowing & The Black Mist, etc), Carnival Knights commented:
"Hopefully, yes. What you might not realize is that we already know how a number of those events end (or might end). The devil is in the details, as they say.

Now, telling the whole stories might take some time, but we reaaaaaally want to move away from bottomless cliffhangers unless they open up new avenues for storytelling."
As for why it might take some time, Carnival Knights commented:
"Quite frankly put, we need to prioritize getting a bunch of champs updated. Those updates inform the short stories (most of which you also don't see yet) that create the foundations of character history and personality. By having that solid foundation to work on, the decisions characters make don't feel arbitrary, and the experience (and story world) is more cohesive as a whole."
He later clarified:
Are you saying the visual updates are getting in the way of narrative? or something else? (I'm assuming something else)
Oh no, not at all. By 'we need to get some champs updated' I mean in terms of story. Story updates."

2014 Ranked Rewards - Invitation Icons Missing

With the 2014 ranked season ended and rewards being distributed, a few summoners have noticed the "Season Icon appears in Game Invite and Friend Request notifications" reward was not properly distributed and they are missing it.

Riot Socrates has confirmed Riot is aware and they are working on it!
"Hey all, we're aware of this issue and working on a solution."

Context on the possibility of Middle East Servers

In a reddit thread asking Riot for an updated on the possibly of adding Middle East regional servers, Riot Nicolo popped in to offer an update and context on the situation:
:We will re-boot our analysis for Middle East guys.

I don't want to be dismissive because we will indeed do another territory analysis for this region, but I also need to manage your exceptions: we may not go with local servers there

To be transparent, the biggest challenge for the Middle East region is to find a server spot that improve latency for the whole region and to make sure there are enough CCU (concurrent players) at a given time to ensure reasonable matchmaking.

For example, if we put servers in Egypt, players in Saudi Arabia may have a worse ping because of Internet infrastructure: most connections from Saudi would through europe first before going back to Egypt. And vice versa. There are potential solutions for this so don't lose hope but what we are saying this is not just a simple geographical equation. The Internet infrastructure is not that simple.

And if ping is only improved to a subset of the player base, it might take forever to find a match in matchmaking and then start a vicious cycle: players try the server, see it takes forever to find a match, which is then not super balanced, and thus go to the more populated server.

Then of course there are other challenges. We are still working on a few other data centers that we need to finish (NA east coast players, we haven't forgotten you) and should we solve Middle East server location, we'd still need to work on a lot of other stuff (localization, transfer, etc...)

Hope that offers some perspective. I understand the frustration, I now live in a place where I also don't have great ping. I promise we will look at it again. But can't promise a solution yet.

Cheers and thanks for your continued support guys!"

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