Red Post Collection: "Legend of the Poro King" game mode coming to PBE, End of Game Gifting now available, and more!

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This afternoon's red post collection features information on the upcoming "Legend of the Poro King" featured gameplay mode, a heads up that End of Game Gifting is now available, and more!
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‘Legend of the Poro King’ game mode coming soon to PBE.

Here's L4T3NCY with information on "Legend of the Poro King", our next featured gameplay mode that will be up for testing on the PBE soon!
"This year’s Snowdown brings with it our next featured game mode… and a legend. The “Legend of the Poro King”. We’ve dramatically changed what fights on the Howling Abyss will look like, so let’s get straight into the rules: 
Played on the Howling Abyss, Legend of the Poro King is a 5v5 Blind Draft game mode, where your goal is still to destroy the enemy team’s nexus. However, you’ll have some Poro companions with you (to throw at each other of course), be diving deep to make #bigplays and work together to summon some help from the legendary Poro King himself. 
New summoner spells 
When playing the Legend of the Poro King, your regular summoner spells are replaced with two new ones, made just for the mode: 
1) Poro Toss / Poro Dash: 
Throw a Poro a long distance, dealing true damage to the first enemy unit hit. This ability can be recast for 3 seconds after it hits an enemy to cast Poro Dash, which will dash your champion to the target hit. Dashing to the target will reduce the cooldown of Poro Toss by 5 seconds. 
2) To the King!: 
Passive: Hitting an enemy champion with a Poro gives your team a Poro Mark. Upon reaching 10 Poro Marks, your team summons the Poro King to fight alongside them. While the Poro King is active, no Poro Marks can be scored by either team. 
Active: Quickly dash to the Poro King’s side. Can only be cast when the Poro King is summoned for your team. 
The Poro King 
The Poro King is benevolent and will aid whichever team has summoned him. He can be dispelled, but only to return again when enough favour has been curried with him. As a tanky siege minion, he brings an impressive power boost to whichever team he’s aiding. 
His powers include: 
-- Tanky siege minion with a LOT of health. Let him be your front line!
-- The Poro King absorbs all Poros within his range being thrown by the enemy team, making him a powerful pushing force.
-- The Poro King will heal nearby allied champions every 5 seconds for health and a smaller amount of mana based on the team’s average level.
-- Every 5 seconds, the Poro King will lob out Poros in an arc around him, dealing magic damage to enemies where they land.
Known issues:
-- Play flow art placeholder. Coming soon.
-- Loading screen art placeholder. Coming soon.
-- Some VO still missing from the poros. 
Also, for fans wondering where Showdown is this year, never fear. We’re looking to make some tweaks to that one and hopefully bring it back at some point as a smoother experience than it was the first time around. We wanted to try something new and light-hearted this year and can’t wait to see what you guys can pull off with the Poro King. Your collective mechanics are waaaaay better than anything we can manage in our playtests, so we’re looking forward to it. The dives.. oh the dives... 
See you guys on the Abyss. o^_^O"

When asked about the cooldown  of the game mode specific summoner spells, L4T3NCY noted:
"Poro Toss = 20sec cooldown (15sec if you follow up with the Poro Dash)
To the King! = 10sec cooldown"

End of Game Gifting is here!

As mentioned in the patch 4.20 notes, End of Game gifting is now enabled!

Here's Saberprivateer with more information: 
"We’ve all had those epic League games that burn into our frontal lobes. Your mid laner xPekes the Nexus to win your last promo game. The enemy top laner manages to hold back your challenger tier Jax. Your plat ranked teammate gives you tips on how to improve instead of raging when you fall behind. In these games, “GG” just isn’t enough. 
So, our yordle scientists have developed a new feature called end of game gifting. Now, players can show their appreciation by sending mystery gifts from the post-game lobby. 
Here are the details:
  • You do NOT have to be friends to send a gift
  • You can send gifts to players on both teams
  • You can send Mystery Skins, Mystery Champions, or a skin for the champion they just played.
  • Prices are the same as in the store
  • Other gifting restrictions apply. You must be level 15 to send, level 5 to receive, and can only send or receive up to five gifts each day (For example, sending three mystery gifts from the store and two from the end of game hits your limit)
  • Available in all queues except for custom games
Whether you want to acknowledge a friendly player on the enemy team or reward a teammate who earned their first Pentakill, you can show your appreciation with a gift at the end of the game!"

Have more questions on End of Game gifting? Check out this FAQ!

The Terror Beneath Discussion

When asked about the building shown at the end (~1:29) of The Terror Beneath and if it is in Shurima, Jaredan commented:
"The ornate building we see in the video is not in central Shurima. For clarity: there is Shurima, the city—the gleaming, palatial domain that Azir is residing in—and Shurima, the desert, which contains the remains of the rest of Azir's once-mighty realm. Among the crumbling remains of the empire, we can see something incredibly dangerous has taken residence.

We want to include the "regular" inhabitants of Runeterra when it makes sense, to show just how special our Champions are in comparison to them and to give a better sense of what life is like in the world they inhabit."

Blood Moon Kalista unmasked

 While Kalista was released late last week, Riot Paradox has posted up a better look at her release skin Blood Moon Kalista.
"The moon stains the darkness with sanguine light against a canvas of stars. An initiate completed her crucible. Tonight, Blood Moon Kalista joins the ranks of an ancient sect.
Vanquish your enemies with Blood Moon Kalista, available now in the League of Legends store for 975 RP."
A video preview of Blood Moon Kalista is available here. 

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