11/4 PBE Update: Kalista, Six New Skins, Preseason returns, over 50 texture rebalances, and much more!

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[Updated: Added in more information on the preseason changes, including jungle items, smites, red/blue spawn time, and more.

To kick off a new cycle, a HUGE update has been pushed to the PBE! Today's update includes the recently announced Kalista and her launch skin Blood Moon Kalista, a total of SIX new champion skins, over FIFTY texture rebalances, a new Battlecast ward skin, the return of the preseason changes, and more!
Continue reading for more information!

(Warning: PBE Content is tentative and iterative - what you see may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers! Manage your expectations accordingly. )

Table of Contents

Today's update is HUGE, don't get lost!

New Champion - Kalista

Following her champion reveal earlier today, Kalista is now up for PBE testing!

Kalista, The Spear of Vengeance

Stats & Abilities

(These may seem a little weird due to the preseason stat changes for all champions)
  • Base HP: 517.76 (+83 per level)
  • Base Mana: 231.8 (+35 per level)
  • Base Movement Speed: 325
  • Base Damage: 55.46 (+3 per level)
  • Base Mana Regen Per Second: 1.26 (+0.08 per level)
  • Base Attack Range: 550
  • Base Magic Resist: 30 (+0 per level)
  • Base Armor: 19.012 (+3.5 per level)
  • Base HP Regen Per Second: 1.2 (+0.11 per level)

The Black Spear (Kalista's Unique Item that she starts with)
Active: Bind with an ally for the remainder of the game,
becoming Oathsworn Allies. Oathsworn empowers you both while
near one another.  [Choice is intended to be permanent]

Martial Poise (Passive)
Kalista cannot cancel her attacks. If the target leaves vision, her attack will miss. 
If Kalista enters a movement command while winding up her basic attack or Pierce, she will drive through in that direction when she launches her attack, lunging a short distance. 
Dash distance scales with boot rank and is 25% greater when
lunging backward.

Pierce (Q)
50/55/60/65/70 mana, 8 sec cooldown 
A fast but narrow projectile that deals 10/70/130/190/250(+100% total AD) physical damage. Triggers Martial Poise (P), Sentinel (W), and Rend (E). 
If it kills a target, Pierce continues onward, passing all stacks of Rend to the next target.

Sentinel (W)
25 Mana, 30 second cooldown 
Passive: When you and you Oathsworn both basic attack the same target within 1.5 seconds, you deal 12/14/16/18/20% of their max health as magic damage (minimum 100/125/150/175/200 damage to minions). 8 second cooldown per target. 
Active: Send a soul Sentinel to patrol an unseen area. Champions they see are revealed for 4 seconds. Sentinel lasts 7 laps.  
Kalista gains a charge of Sentinel every 60/55/50/45/40 seconds.

Rend (E)
35 mana, 14/12.5/11/9.5/8 sec cooldown 
While off cooldown, Kalista's spears pierce their target and linger there for 4 seconds. 
Active: Kalista rips the spears from nearby targets, dealing 20/35/50/65/80(+60% total AD) physical damage and slowing their Movement Speed by 20/25/30/35/40% for 2 seconds. Each extra spear increases the damage by 20/25/30/35/40%, but not the slow.  
If it kills a target, Rend's cooldown is reset. 

Fate's Call (R)
100 mana, 90/75/60 sec cooldown 
Draw Kalista's Oathsworn to her. For up to 4 seconds, the Oathsworn is untargetable but pacified. 
They may mouse click to fly toward target position, stopping at the first enemy champion hit, knocking all enemies in a small radius back and placing the Oathsworn at their maximum attack range from the enemy. 
Kalista's Oathsworn must be within 1400 units for her to cast  this ability.

Voiceover / Lore

As you may have heard, her voiceover includes: unique lines when starting a game on the different maps, special interactions when taunting Cassiopeia, Graves, Karthus, Lissandra, Twisted Fate, and Varus, numerous unique lines when purchasing items, and more!

and here is Kalista's short in-client lore entry:
"Kalista is an eternal spirit of retribution, who possesses a cold-burning hatred for all betrayers, deceivers, and traitors. In life, she was a legendary warrior, but while trying to avert tragedy she was betrayed and slain by those she trusted most. Now, she is an undying entity that can be invoked to exact vengeance, but only at great cost: the supplicant’s soul becomes forfeit, bound to her for eternity"

Release Skin: Blood Moon  Kalista

 Last but not least we have Blood Moon Kalista, Kalista's release skin! 

Here's RiotBaconhawk with a bugs and feedback thread for Bloodmoon Kalista:
"The mists swirl and part, wispy tendrils sliding hungrily across her undead arms. She pulls down her mask, silently creeping along the twisted treeline. 
With a hushed growl, she sends her specter to scout ahead. Its reddish glow turns the spooky green forest into an undulating mottled pattern of gray trees and black shadows. Even the moon above seems to dim. 
By its sinister light, she spots her prey ahead. 
Silently, she raises her spear back. The sharp, curved tip flows with bloody energy.
With a grunt, she hurls it, and and springs forward in anticipation. 
Blood Moon Kalista has arrived.
  • An all new model with Blood Moon mask, new armor, new spectral scout
  • All new Blood Moon particles, with red and deep blue colors
  • A new recall animation, complete with new sounds
Join her ranks, if you are brave."

New Skins

Today's update also features a total of SIX new skins, although only four are up for testing!

 Battlecast Kog'Maw

1350 RP

Here's Riot KateyKhaos with a bugs & feedback thread for Battlecast Kog'Maw:
"The adorable "Void Puppy" is back and ready for action and this time, he's fully equipped for battle! 
Battlecast Kog'Maw will be 1350 RP and includes: 
  • All new model and texture, complete with all the weaponry you could possibly need on the Rift!
  • All new particles! (Explosions and stuff!)
  • New animations!
  • A new recall animation!
  • New VO filter!
You can check out Battlecast Kog'Maw in game now on PBE! We always find bug reports and feedback super helpful, so feel free to comment in the thread below. Likewise, if you've got any questions, post 'em here, and we'll do our best to answer them! 

 Battlecast Alpha Skarner

1820 RP

Here's Galetta with a bugs and feedback thread for Battlecast Alpha Skarner!
"Specialization: Target Apprehension. 
The creator requires additional organic templates. Abduction protocol in effect. Isolate high-potential subjects. Battlecast Alpha Skarner has been activated on the PBE. This mechanical evolution includes:
  • All new model and texture with chainsaw claws!
  • All new VO with processing!
  • All new particles!
  • All new animations!
This skin is Legendary and will be 1820rp. 
Your feedback and bug reports are extremely helpful to us, so please check out Battlecast Alpha Skarner and let us know what you think! Feel free to drop any bugs you find in this thread as well, and definitely give him a go on the Summoner’s Rift Update! 
See you on the Rift, contemptible biological units."

 Safecracker Evelynn

750 RP
[ Not currently enabled for testing on the PBE!]

 Pickpocket Twitch

750 RP

Here's Galetta with a bugs and feedback thread for Safecracker Evelynn and Pickpocket Twitch:
"Sneaky, sneaky.... 
Buy a vision ward and keep your eyes peeled because Pickpocket Twitch and Safecracker Evelynn are infiltrating the PBE. These skins include:
  • All new model and texture! They are super sneaky cat burglars now!
  • Twitch has bullet SFX on his crit, auto attack, and ult!
These skins will be 750rp, each. 
Your feedback and bug reports are extremely helpful to us, so please check out Pickpocket Twitch and Safecracker Evelynn and let us know what you think! Feel free to drop any bugs you find in this thread as well, and definitely give them a go on the Summoner’s Rift Update! 
See you on the Rift....or not...you might be hiding. >.> 
NOTE: (11/4) Safecracker Evelynn will not be available for testing today."

 Captain Volibear

750 RP
[ Not currently enabled for testing on the PBE!]

 Constable Trundle

750 RP

Here's Riot KateyKhaos with a bugs & feedback thread for Captain Volibear and Constable Trundle:
"With loose cannons like Jinx wreaking havoc in Runeterra among others, it's hard for Officer Caitlyn to keep up! Good news for her, she's getting back up! Introducing Captain Volibear and Constable Trundle! 
Captain Volibear and Constable Trundle will be 750 RP each and include:
  • All new model and texture!
You can check out the boys in blue in game now on PBE! We always find bug reports and feedback super helpful, so feel free to comment in the thread below! Likewise, if you've got any questions, post 'em here, and we'll do our best to answer them!
NOTE: (11/4) Captain Volibear is not available to play today. Please hang tight!"

New Splash Art

As previewed in the 4.19 patch notes, Victorious Morgana's splash art has been added to the PBE!

New Ward Skin - Battlecast

In addition to Battlecast Alpha Skarner and Battlecast Kog'Maw, we also have a new Battlecast Ward!

Here's Riot KateyKhaos with a bugs & feedback thread for Battlecast Ward:
"With the addition of two new Battlecast skins, it's only fitting that there's a Battlecast Wardto celebrate! 
The Battlecast Ward will be 640 RP and includes:
  • All new model and texture! (So shiny!)
  • New animations!
  • New particles! Note: Exhaust fumes do not harm the inhabitants of Runeterra ...except maybe Teemo.
  • New SFX!
You can check it out the Battlecast Ward in game now on PBE! We always find bug reports and feedback super helpful, so feel free to comment in the thread below! Likewise, if you've got any questions, post 'em here, and we'll do our best to answer them! 

Ability Bar and Buff Update

Here's Rayven with information on ability bar and buff changes they are testing out:
"Hello Summoners! 
Active items (items that come bundled with an ability) are tremendously powerful... if you can remember to use them! To address this, we're making a few changes to the ability bar that will better group and prioritize information. 
In particular, active item abilities are now displayed over your center ability bar! By placing them front and center, we hope to increase awareness and usage. Functionally, they will be ordered (and have the same hotkeys) as the slot they are assigned to in the item section. 
To supplement this change, we're also shifting buffs around. 
Left - Ambient Buffs. Buffs that do not contribute to moment-to-moment interactions are now located above your champion portrait. This includes auras, persistent states, and information that is already well-represented in game space. In addition, Buffs are left-justified, while Debuffs are right-justified. 
Center - Ability Trackers. Buffs that are core to your gameplay loop remain above your ability bar. This includes things like spell countdowns (Annie's Pyromania) and spell timers (Annie's Summon: Tibbers). 
We hope these changes will reinforce the ability bar as the tactical command center of game interaction. Try out the feature and let us know how you feel! As always, this is an iterative feature, which means we'll be making continued tweaks and improvements, even after we go live!"
Here's an example where you can see buffs on the left side and item short cuts near the middle.

More Texture Rebalances

Today's PBE update also includes OVER 50 texture rebalances! Texture balances are aimed at aligning older champions and skins with the current art style of the updated Summoner's Rift. They are NOT replacing visual updates or model/texture updates!

Today's texture rebalances include: Amumu, Caitlyn, Ezreal, Fizz, Gragas, Kog'Maw, Mordekaiser, Talon, Udyr, Urgot, Vladimir, and Zilean.



Little Knight Amumu

Vancouver Amumu

Pharaoh Amumu

Almost Prom King Amumu

Re-gifted Amumu


Officer Caitlyn

Arctic Warfare Caitlyn
Resistance Caitlyn

Safari Caitlyn
Sheriff Caitlyn


Explorer Ezreal

Frosted Ezreal
Nottingham Ezreal
Striker Ezreal


Tundra Fizz
Atlantean Fizz 
Void Fizz
 Fisherman Fizz


Gragas Esq.
Hillbilly Gragas
 Santa Gragas
 Scuba Gragas


Monarch Kog
Caterpillar Kog
Deep Sea Kog
Jurassic Kog 
Reindeer Kog


Dragon Knight Mordekaiser


Dragonblade Talon
Renegade Talon


Black Belt Udyr
Primal Udyr


 Battlecast Urgot
 Butcher Urgot
Giant Enemy Crabgot


Blood Lord Vlad
Marquis Vlad
Count Vlad

Nosferatu Vlad
Vandal Vlad


 Groovy Zilean

Old Saint Zilean

Shurima Desert Zilean

Time Machine Zilean


The new Victory and Defeat screens first introduced (but not hooked up) last PBE cycle are now enabled!
Maokai's lore has been reverted back to the long form version instead of the short form version seen in the last PBE cycle.

There are new IP and EXP boost icons!

Preseason 2015

Preseason is to be back and ready for more testing, including all the jungle, objective, and item changes we saw during the last PBE cycle!

Looking for more on the upcoming Preseason 2015 changes?

[Note: Given the extremely tentative nature of these changes and Riot's lack of changelist / rough notes, it is extremely hard to keep up. Adding things as I spot them but be aware some changes are (unfortunately) not listed.]

Now on to the new stuff:

The new jungle items, all of which build out of Hunter's Machete and alter the functionality of Smite, have been updated with slightly

and here's the up to date versions of the jungle item enchants, which have slightly different stats or build paths compared to the versions last cycle.

Red and Blue buff are also back to spawning at 1:55 instead of spawning at 2:30

Scuttle Crab's, the new monster that patrols the river, speed shrine is looking a bit different!

There are new, uniquely colored sparkles for each camp's smite reward.

Dragon's buff is also slightly different.

Balance Changes

* Remember *: The PBE is a testing grounds for new, tentative, and sometimes radical changes. The changes you see below may be lacking context or other accompanying changes that didn't make it in - don't freak out! These are not official notes.

[[All Champions]]
  • As a part of the preseason 2015 changes, all champions have received significant tweaks to their base stats

  • Conquering Sands (Q) Sand Soldier damage increased to 75/105/135/165/195 from 60/90/120/150/180
  • Arise (W) AP ratios decreased to .6 from .7
  • Shifting Sands (E) shield value increased to 80/120/160/200/240 from 60/100/140/180/220

  • Noxious Blast (Q) mana cost increased to 45/50/55/60/65 from 40/45/50/55/60 
  • Noxious Blast (Q) damage lowered to 65/105/145/185/225 from 75/115/155/195/235
  • Twin Fang (E) No longer  restores mana on kill
  • Twin Fang (E) mana cost lowered to 30/35/40/45/50 from 30/45/60/75/90
  • Twin Fang (E) now increases poison damage dealth to target by 25% for 5 seconds, can stack up to two times.
  • [Context: See this post by Riot Stashu for more information and context!]

  • Vengeful Maelstrom (R) [seems to be functionality change - now SHIELDS based on stored energy instead of dealing magic damage. Also grants % haste if the maximum bonus is reached]

  • Unspeakable Horror (E) has a new passive : "Nocturne gains massively increased movement speed toward feared enemies."
  • Consume (Q) [tooltip updated to better reflect what he is eating for each buff.]
  • Attack range increased to 550 from 525
  • Base movement speed lowered to 330 from 335
  • [Context: We've seen these changes go on and off the PBE with preseason.]

  • Starcall (Q) now has a "fixed travel time cast paradigm"
  • Astral Infusion (W) range increased by 100, to 550 from 450.

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