The Harrowing 2014

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[Note: The two new skins, Underworld Wukong and Ravenborn LeBlanc, are LEGACY skins and will leave the shop on November 4th!]

The Harrowing is once again upon us! This year's Harrowing features the release of Ravenborn LeBlanc and Underworld Wukong, the return of 16 legacy Harrowing champion skins and five ward skins, Hexakill: Twisted Treeline, new summoner icons, oodles of discounted bundles, flash sales, a new "Tales of the Black Mist" video, and much more!
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This year's Harrowing lasts between  (October 24th - November 4th) and  features:
  • The release of two new skins: Ravenborn LeBlanc and Underworld Wukong
  • Hexakill: Twisted Treeline
  • Three new Summoner icons
  •  Two of which are only available during the event!
  • The Haunted Hoard Sale
  • 16 returning Legacy champion skins
  •  5 returning Legacy ward skins
  • Bundles for each previous year's Harrowing content
  • Flash Sales (every six hours) & double chance of Harrowing skins in Mystery Skins 

The Harrowing Promotional Page

As with all events, we have a new promotional page showing off all of this year's Harrowing content, complete with a creepy Shadow Isles aesthetic!
"The Black Mist rolls over land and sea, seeking the living—leaving them helpless to the half-glimpsed horrors it carries. The poor souls return with the mist to the Shadow Isles. In time, they’ll forget friends and lovers, even themselves, becoming part of the terrible force that grows stronger every year."

The promo page also features a new video "Tales of the Black Mist: The Harrowing"

"A ghastly puppet show recounts a familiar tale in Bilgewater, but tonight the fog’s come down especially thick..."

New Skins - Ravenborn LeBlanc and Underworld Wukong

First up, the start of the Harrowing includes the release of two new skins - Ravenborn LeBlanc and Underworld Wukong, both of these skins will only be in the shop through November 4th then will head back into the legacy vault with the rest of the Harrowing content!

Ravenborn LeBlanc

975 RP
From the Ravenborn LeBlanc invades the Abyss release announcement: 
"Cloaked in ebon feathers, a figure glides through the black mist, ghostly tendrils recoiling before every step. The raven atop her staff quavers. A shriek pierces through the vapor, halting Ravenborn LeBlanc. Her dark lips break into a malicious grin. The Black Mist looms.
Enslave the shadows with Ravenborn LeBlanc, available now for 975 RP before going into the legacy vault on November 4th"

and her R's mimic version of the spells are all purple!

 Underworld Wukong

1350 RP; on sale for 975 RP through October 28th
From the Underworld Wukong explores the Darkness release announcement:
"The black mist grasps at Underworld Wukong, clinging to his staff as he explores the Shadow Isles. A circlet holds back his mane of wild hair to reveal gleaming emerald eyes. His bladed tail swats away a particularly annoying tendril of vapor as Wukong chuckles softly to himself. He twirls his staff and prances further into the darkness.
Traverse the abyss with Underworld Wukong, available now in the League of Legends store for 1350 RP (on sale for 975 RP through October 28), before going into the legacy vault on November 4th"

Returning Legacy Champion Skins

Here's a look at the returning legacy content, including all of the Harrowing skins released originally during the 2010, 2011, and 2012 events! These skins will be available between October 24th and November 4th as one part of the Haunted Hoard Harrowing sale!

Pumpkinhead Fiddlesticks
520 RP

Kitty Cat Katarina
975 RP

Mundo Mundo
975 RP

975 RP

Zombie Ryze
975 RP

Nosferatu Vladimir
975 RP

FrankenTibbers Annie
975 RP

Definitely Not Blitzcrank
520 RP

Bewitching Nidalee
975 RP

Haunting Nocturne
520 RP

Zombie Brand
1820 RP

Headmistress Fiora
975 RP

Pirate Ryze
975 RP

Headless Hecarim
975 RP

Haunted Maokai
975 RP

Underworld Twisted Fate
975 RP

Returning Ward skins

During the event we also have also have the return of several spooky ward skins! You can permanently add each of these wards to your collection for 640 RP each!

Tomb Angel Ward

Haunting Ward

Bat-o-Lantern Ward

Widow Ward

Deadfall Ward

Hexakill: Twisted Treeline

This Harrowing also has us venturing back to the Shadow Isles for our latest featured gameplay mode, HEXAKILL: TWISTED TREELINE!
"Hexakill doubles the number of champions on the Twisted Treeline. Bringing twelve champions to League’s most close-quartered map ensures intense gankery and more than a few opportunities to net yourself a coveted hexakill. We’ve bumped up gold and experience rewards across the map and controlling both altars now buffs you as well as your minions. Claustrophobes—and arachnophobes— need not apply. Welcome back to the Twisted Treeline."

Here's the Hexakill: Twisted Treeline FAQ From Riot's Support:
What map does Hexakill take place on?
  • Hexakill is currently only available on Twisted Treeline in celebration of The Harrowing.
How many players can play in a Hexakill game?
  • Hexakill doubles the number of champions on the Twisted Treeline. Twelve champions (six on each team) will face off in League's most close-quartered map to ensure intense gankery and more than a few opportunities to net yourself a coveted hexakill.
What changes have been made to the gameplay?
  • We’ve bumped up gold and experience rewards across the map and controlling both altars now buffs you as well as your minions.
What do I get for playing Hexakill?
  • You can reap the rewards of The Harrowing through winning three games of Hexakill to win the Mark of the Betrayer Icon. Remember! There are other icons that have made its way to the Shadow Isles... click here to learn more.

New Summoner Icons

This year's Harrowing also features three new summoner icons, one permanent addition and two available only during the event!

First up is the Shadow Isles Crest icon, which is a permanent addition to the shop at 250 RP but can be purchased for 1500 IP during the event.

Shadow Isles Crest Icon

 "Pledge your soul to the Shadow Isles for 1500 IP during the Harrowing or 250 RP any time afterward."

Next are the Mark of the Betrayer icon and Harrowed Pupppet Icon which are only available during the Harrowing!!

Mark of the Betrayer Icon

"Win three games of Hexakill: Twisted Treeline"

Harrowed Puppet Icon

 "Give a gift of any kind to a friend before the Harrowing ends"

The Haunted Hoard Harrowing Sale

In addition to the return of the legacy skins Haunted Hoard Harrowing Sale also including a ton of new bundles, flash sales on champion skins, and a few spooky changes to mystery gifting, all available between now and November 4th!

First up is a set of new bundles, featuring previous each year's Harrowing content at a discounted price:

Harrowing 2010 Bundle - 20% off at 4316 RP (7004 RP if you need the champions)

Champions and  Skins included:
  • Poppy and Lollipoppy
  • Fiddlesticks and Pumpkinhead Fiddlesticks
  • Vladimir and Nosferatu Vladimir
  • Dr. Mundo and Mundo Mundo
  • Katarina and Kitty Cat Katarina
  • Ryze and Zombie Ryze

Harrowing 2011 Bundle - 20% off at 2392 RP (4568 RP if you need the champions)

Champions and Skins included:
  • Nidalee and Bewitching Nidalee
  • Blitzcrank and Definitely Not Blitzcrank
  • Annie and FrankenTibbers Annie
  • Nocturne and Haunting Nocturne

Harrowing 2012 Bundle - 20% off at 3900 RP (6840 RP if you need the champions)

Champions and Skins included:
  • Maokai and Haunted Maokai
  • Hecarim and Headless Hecarim
  • Fiora and Headmistress Fiora
  • Ryze and Pirate Ryze
  • Twisted Fate and Underworld Twisted Fate

Harrowing 2013 Bundle - 20% off at 1860 RP (3420 RP if you need the champions)
Champions and Skins included:
  • Zyra and Haunted Zyra
  • Vi and Officer Vi

Harrowing Ward Bundle - 20% off at 2560 RP (2560 RP if you need the champions)
Ward skins included
  • Bat-o-lantern Ward
  • Haunting Ward
  • Widow Ward
  • Deadfall Ward
  • Tomb Angel Ward

This year's Harrowing also features FLASH SALES of any potentially any champion skin that will rotate every six hours.
"In an unprecedented phantasmic phenomenon, a group of skins’ regular prices are reduced for six hours before resetting in favor of a new slate of skins. Early research into ectoplasmic evidence has yet to uncover a way to predict which skins will go on sale--or even the discount rate. All we know for sure is that skins go on sale for six hours at a time and then it happens all over again. Happily, you can check the “On Sale” box in the skins tab of the Store to see what skins are on tap. 
Disclaimer: Riot won’t be held responsible for the actions of ghosts so we aren’t offering retroactive refunds for these sales."
WizardCrab has also confirmed that these sales will only be for skins that could normally be on sale and will not include legacy, legendary, or ultimate skins.

During the Harrowing, Mystery Gifting has also been tuned to offer twice the chance at any of the skins from above!
"The Mystery Gift swirls with every skin of Harrowing’s past and present! Better yet, Harrowing content bursts out of the chest at a 2x rate!"

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