Red Post Collection: Summoner Icon Descriptions, Sion Q&A on 9/30, new Singapore MVP bundle, and more!

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Tonight's red post collection features a heads-up on the Sion Q&A on September 30th, Riot BrokenSword noting that summoner icon descriptions are being worked on, a new MVP Singapore champion and skin bundle follow last weekend's WORLDS action,  and more!
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Sion Q&A on September 30th

 Tomorrow, September 30th, the champion update team will be hosting a Q&A on Sion's upcoming update! Get ready to axe them your best questions on the new and improved undead juggernaut!
"The Champion Update team’s taking a break from prepping Sion for war so they can host an upcoming Sion Q&A session on 9/30! If you have questions about how we turned the big green Arnie impersonator into a hulking Noxian colossus, come along and ask away! 
Dig into Sion’s past here:

[Continued] Dev Blog: Champion Animation

Following last week's developer blog on Champion Animation, Nickstravaganza stuck around the forums to answer a few animation related questions.

When asked about Zac's animations and what makes him so complicated, Nickstravaganza replied:
"Zac's complicated because of how his rig's set up. The joint hierarchy is very different to allow some of the blobby motion we added. There was also a lot of model swapping for his different moves as well as some of our earliest parametric anims. Vlad and Nami's effects are actually created by the VFX artists, whereas Zac was a mix of effects and animation.

For the second question, every champ is different with custom... well everything. But we learned a lot from Zac though that we still use today. 
His complexity was probably part of his skin choice, but I'm not the best guy to ask"
As for the unique knockup animations on newer champions like Azir and Gnar and why they aren't enabled just yet, he noted:
"It's mainly the sheer number of new assets. We're making progress towards it and adding them to new characters like Gnar, but filling out the backlog, getting the design-side hookups and QA all take time. We'll get there though!"

Summoner Icon Descriptions in the works

In a reddit thread requesting descriptions on how or when Summoner icons were obtained be added to the client, RiotBrokenSword popped in to confirm they are being worked on!
"Hey guys, thanks for the feedback. My team is working on this right now. No ETA, but this is in development."

When asked about his team, BrokenSword continued:
"It is very accurately called the "Summoner Icons Team" though. We've only had a dedicated team to it for the last 3 months. I hope you guys have noticed some improvement. 
I'm just a Product Manager now."
In response to someone questioning why there needs to be a team for something like this, he noted:
"Nah, it's only about ownership. There was no team owning the whole product of Summoner Icons before. Now there is, so changes are happening."

Summoner's Rift Detailed Art Feedback

Got feedback for the upcoming Summoner's Rift update that is currently testing on the PBE? RiotForScience has created a new thread in the recently launched Story & Art board:
"This discussion is intended as a repository for any feedback you may have about Summoner's Rift, including feedback about upcoming visual updates. 
It is the heir of the thread that was previously located here 
I cannot promise to implement every piece of feedback or even respond to each post, but any piece of feedback on this thread will be read and considered by a member of the Environment Art team. If you have a critique and you want to guarantee that it is going to be heard, this is the place to put it. 
I am really excited to hear your input!"
He has also posted a very similar thread in the Maps & Modes board.

Singapore MVP Bundle

A new champion and skin bundle featuring the MVP picks from the 2014 World Championship C & D group stages is now available! This limited time flex bundle is 50% off the normal prices will run you 4967 RP if you need everything, which includes:
  • Ahri and Popstar Ahri
  • Irelia and Frostblade Irelia
  • Kha'Zix and Mecha Kha'Zix
  • Lucian and Hired Gun Lucian
  • Thresh and Deep Terror Thresh

Azir Survival Guide 

With Azir available in this week's free to play rotation, Riot has posted up a new Azir survival guide article! Check it out for guides from professional players, tips from both Riot Velocity and Squad5, and more!

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