PROJECT: Yasuo now available

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"One Blade, One Purpose" - PROJECT: Yasuo is online and now available for purchase! Featuring a high tech arsenal of new sounds and visuals, this skin is normally priced at 1350 RP but is discounted to 975 RP through September 9th.
Continue reading for a look at this deadly new skin!


1350 RP or on sale for 975 RP through September 9th

From the official release announcement:
"Four intruders detected. PROJECT: Yasuo activated.
Yasuo awakens from stasis, sentry data downloaded to his memory banks. He draws his modified katana as the incursion approaches his position, intent on their objective 
Initiate Last Breath protocol. 
Yasuo dashes at the intruders, eviscerating the point man before charging towards the rest. Plunging into them, he whirls his sword, hacking at all three before diving away. His foes reply with a barrage of fire, but Yasuo’s ready -- with a flick of his sword, he generates a nano-barrier to block their onslaught. He turns to them as the wall fades. Yasuo slashes his katana, releasing an energy surge that hurls the intruders into the air. Leaping into their midst, he carves through all three as they reach their apex. 
He lands lightly on his feet, the intruders raining down around him. His visor pulls back to reveal an emotionless guise. The mask of a man with nothing inside. 
Intruders eliminated.
Annihilate your enemies with PROJECT: Yasuo, available now in the League of Legends store for 1350 RP (on sale for 975 RP through September 9)."

[ PROJECT: Yasuo plays a new, updated tune ]
 [ For his recall, he shows off some fancy foot work ]
[ Passive's shield ]
[ Q ] 
[ Q tornado ready ]
[ Q's tornado ]
 [ W ]
[ E has a orange trail and has it's own cooldown indicator ] 
[ PROJECT: Yasuo has a rather complex ult animation! Here's a frame by frame or check it out in the skin preview video ]
[ After using his ultimate, the armor pen buff turns PROJECT: Yasuo's sword yellow ]

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