FNATIC Season 1 Championship Skins now available!

Posted on at 2:42 PM by Moobeat
The new set of five FNATIC themed skins are now available! These skins for Corki , Gragas, Janna, Jarvan IV, Karthus, celebrates FNATIC's as our 2011 Season One Champions! Through October 31st, you can pick them up for 750 RP each or as a set in a discounted bundle!
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From the official release announcement:
"Three years ago, eight teams clashed in the inaugural League of Legends World Championship. Barons were slain and towers toppled over the course of three days as a new bar was set for high-caliber League play. After the smoke of the final destroyed nexus cleared, it was Fnatic who remained to lift the Summoner’s Cup for the first time. And now they’ve the skins to immortalize that moment.
Pick up the Fnatic skins for 750 RP each, or score all five with the Fnatic Bundle to get 25% off at 2812 RP (5688 RP if you need the champions). These skins go on sale September 24 at 1pm PDT before heading into the vault on October 31 at 11:59pm PDT.
Commemorate the first League of Legends World Champions!"
For their loading screens and selection images, each skin has it's own piece of the splash!

Fnatic Corki

Fnatic Gragas

Fnatic Janna

Fnatic Jarvan IV

Fnatic Karthus

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