Championship Thresh, SKT T1, and TPA skins available through October 31st!

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[Update: The official announcement can be found here!]

Good news everyone! To celebrate Worlds 2014, Championship Thresh and all of the SKT T1 and TPA skins are returning to the shop between now and October 31st!
Continue reading for a preview at all these returning skins!

Championship Thresh and all of the SKT T1 and TPA skins have all returned from the legacy vault now available in the shop for their original prices through October 31st!

Triggs did tweet about them, saying:
[#1] "For the duration of #Worlds we have decided to bring back championship thresh! You can purchase him now in the store! :D #LeagueOfLegends
[#2] "We also have brought back the SKT/TPA skins for a limited time for #Worlds!"

On reddit, Triggs also added in:
"Confirmed. They will be available until 10/31 (the duration of worlds + a little bit.) Championship Thresh should also be available for sale."

When asked about Championship Riven and why didn't return with Championship Thresh, Triggs confirmed she is not coming back:
"Champ Riven is a limited skin and won't be brought back at this time. Champ thresh was legacy."

To help you decide who to pick up, here's a set of previews for each of the returning skins:

Championship Thresh

Championship Thresh , who was originally released during the Season 3 World Championships, is available for 975 RP.

SKT T1 Skins

The SKT T1 skin set, which was created to celebrate SKT T1 as our Season 3 World Champions, is also back. SKT T1 Jax, Lee Sin, Zed, Zyra, and Vayne are available for  750 RP each. The SKT T1 Ward is also available for 640 RP. You can also get the SKT T1 flex bundle, which includes the SKT T1 Ward, for 3292 (25% off) if you need all skins or 6513 RP you need all champions and skins.

SKT T1 Jax

SKT T1 Lee Sin

SKT T1 Vayne

SKT T1 Zed

SKT T1 Zyra

SKT T1 Ward

TPA Skins

The TPA skin set, which was created to celebrate TPA as our Season 2 World Champions, is also back. TPA Dr. MundoEzrealNunu, Orianna, and Shen are available for  750 RP each. There is also a TPA bundle for 2812 RP if  you need all skins or 5358 RP if you need all champions and skins.

TPA Dr. Mundo

TPA Ezreal

TPA Nunu

TPA Orianna

TPA Shen

Again, all of these skins are available throughout the duration of the 2014 World Championship and will return to the legacy vault at the end of the day on October 31st!

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