Red Post Collection: gamescom 2014 portal, Unintended Fiddlesticks Changes in 4.14

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Following a massive news day yesterday, tonight's red post collection is short and sweet! It features a heads-up on Riot's gamescom 2014 coverage, including plenty of pictures and video, as well as Pwyff commenting on an unintended change to Fiddlesticks' drain tether included in 4.14.
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gamescom 2014 portal

With gamescom 2014 underway, Riot has set up a portal to show off all of the awesome League of Legends stuff at the show!

Here's the one and only Riot Draggles with more info:
"Hey everyone, 
We just launched our portal for all things gamescom 2014, and it's right here: 

Are you at the show? Just came back to rest up for tomorrow's action? Can't be in Cologne but want to know just what's going on with the COLOSSAL BARON STATUE in the centre of the booth? There's lots of stuff here to watch and look through, including cosplay galleries, esports previews, and your pictures from the show floor (as long as you use the hashtag #lolgamescom). 
That's all from me! Did anyone happen to catch the Supa Hot Crew - Millenium game earlier today? I won't spoilerino if you haven't seen it, but what a series."
In addition to the wealth of pictures, here's a few notables currently up on the portal:

Don't forget to check the portal out again as the show continues through the weekend! I'll also be sure to share more of the awesome.

You can also find a more pictures over on the loleu flickr account!

Unintented Fiddlesticks changes in 4.14 

In a popular reddit thread claiming that Riot failed to document a change to Fiddlesticks' drain's tether range in 4.14, Pwyff popped in to commented that he'd be looking into it:
"Looking into this - I guess you could call this a stealth nerf if we don't document it (since that's the absolute definition) but was probably due to a code refactor or something of the sort. Sorry!"
When asked if it was intentional, he noted:
"We are not, as I said it was probably an error :)"

He also mentioned the situation on twitter, saying:
"RE: Fiddlesticks tether nerf - unintended from the live gameplay team so we're looking into it. DEEPEST APOLOGIES."
As for if they will potentially hotfix it, Pwyff replied:
" That's part of the investigation in terms of overall impact versus risk of instability. Lot of factors go into hotfixes!"

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