Debonair Ezreal and Debonair Vi now available!

Posted on at 11:21 AM by Moobeat
Piltover's Finest - Debonair EzrealDebonair Vi , and the new Debonair summoner icon are now available! Each of the skins will run you 750 RP while the icon is priced at 250 RP.
Suit up and continue reading for a better look at these classy skins!

Debonair Vi and Ezreal have arrived

Here's Riot Paradox with the official release announcement:
Take your enemy’s breath away with style, or if that fails, a sharp punch to the solar plexus. High-end fashion has made its way to the Rift with Debonair Vi and Ezreal. Tailored suits, fitted vests and elegant gauntlets let everyone know that the difference between you and them is simple: You make this look good.
Fight with style as Debonair Vi and Debonair Ezreal, available now in the League of Legends store for 750 RP each,or show off your sophisticated side with the Debonair Summoner Icon for 250 RP.

The Debonair Duo

Debonair Ezreal

750 RP

Debonair Vi

750 RP

Debonair Summoner Icon

A new Debonair Summoner Icon is also available for a smooth 250 RP!

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