Red Post Collection: Quill Coat / SotAG Ward on TT/Dom/Aram, 4.11 Ziggs nerf clarification, CBLoL team summoner icons

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[ NOTE: Due to bugs with 4.11, Diana, Heimerdinger, and Ahri are temporarily disabled. More info. ]

This evening's red post collection features ManWolfManWolf confirming the Quill Coat and Spirit of the Ancient Golem being able to ward non-Summoner's Rift maps is unintended and a fix is being worked on, Meddler clarifying the Ziggs changes in patch 4.11,  a few notes on the Bloodthirster changes that failed to make it into 4.11, and info on the eight new CBLOL Team Summoner icons that are now available.
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Quill Coat / Spirit of the Ancient Golem and Twisted Treeline

Patch 4.11 included a new Quill coat item and several changes to Spirit of the Ancient Golem, one of which was a new active that places a ward down. While fine for Summoner's Rift, these items is also available on Twisted Treeline and players can now use the item to ward on a  a map where wards are not normally available for purchase.

ManWolfManWolf commented on the situation, saying:
"Hey dudes, 
Ya, this is unintentional and has already been fixed internally. We may get the fix to live if there is a redeploy, otherwise it won't be until next patch. I know that sucks, sorry all.

That being said, we do like the item and will be replacing the active for it and SotAG for TT - not just removing them.""
He also reiterated this in the ARAM and Dominion forums, as the item is also warding up those maps.

He later updated:
"Update: The fix is already done and being tested. Once it's "fit for live" we'll be pushing it out. Won't have to wait until next patch.

Sorry dudes and dudettes!"
He continued, mentioning some other non-SR item changes are coming up soon!
"Yup. The items will be pulled for now. We'll likely be giving it that active as well. There are some other changes slated for those items soon too... Keep an eye out!"

4.11 Ziggs Changes

When asked for an explanation on the patch 4.11 reduction of Ziggs' Q's "explosion trigger detection radius" from 180 to 150, Meddler explained:
"There are two different values that makes up Ziggs' Q. The first is the detection radius. This is the value that, if the target is within it, will cause the bomb to detonate on the first and second bounces. That's being nerfed from 180 to 150, making Ziggs more reliant on either predicting the enemy's movement or using other abilities to set up his Q. The second radius determines how large the explosion actually is once the bomb goes off on hitting a target/at the end of the final arc. That's unchanged in this patch and equal to 240 (for points of comparison Karthus' Lay Waste has an explosion radius of 200). Not sure what's up with the wiki."
When asked if this is like the missile width of his bombs being decreased, Meddler replied:
"That's a pretty good analogy yeah."

As for why Ziggs was targeted for nerfs, Meddler explained:
"Short version is we believe he's too strong, but in a way that's relatively easy to adjust. There are definitely other champs that also need power changes, up or down, and we're working on a number of them too as we prepare for the patch Worlds will be played on (still a way off, but one of our big focuses nonetheless)."


[ The current version of Bloodthirster on the PBE, new unique passive, lower top end on shield, longer shield timer ]

As you may have noticed, the PBE changes that saw a reduction in Bloodthirster's shield strength for a new passive that granted 10% bonus AD did not make it into patch 4.11.

Meddler commented on this, saying:
"BT's not changing in 4.11. We are continuing to test that passive and it could end up in a later patch if it tests well. That'll depend in part on how various ADCs perform and the ongoing impacts of the previous set of itemization changes as well though."
Pwyff also commented:
"We're still looking at them, maybe for 4.12 - they came up a bit fast so we wanted to get additional testing. Also without a good changelist for Lucian, we might just inadvertently buff him even more."
As of the 7/1 update, these changes are back on the PBE for testing.

Celebrate CBLoL with team summoner icons

Eight new summoner icons for Circuito Brasileiro teams are now available for purchase!
"The Circuito Brasileiro (CBLOL) hosts Brazil’s top League teams, including the internationally-known paiN Gaming. Available now are permanent summoner icons featuring CBLOL team logos for 250 RPeach. If you’re a hardcore CBLOL fan, snag all eight icons for 1600 RP (20% off the full price). 
Show off your team allegiance as they race to the top of the Brazilian scene and compete for a place on the world stage! As before, you’re not simply hoisting your team’s battle standard—20% of each purchase goes straight to the team, and the other 80% directly supports esports through prizing, streaming and live events!" 
Here's a better look at the eight new icons:

4.11 Bugs - Diana , Heimer, and Ahri Disabled

Since 4.11 deployed, servers have been experiencing problems with  games crashing and players being stuck in games that no longer exist.

Here's Therewolf with the latest update, including the temp disable of Ahri, Diana, and Heimerdinger pending an upcoming fix they hope to push out tomorrow
We have determined what is causing the crash bug. It is a piece of code that is related to the way certain champions’ missile effects are updated. We are disabling the following champions: Diana, Heimerdinger, and Ahri, which should prevent people from getting impacted by this problem anymore.

We’re continuing to scan and kill games that are in a stuck state and will make sure no one remains stuck even after we disable the champions. We’re currently fast tracking a fix and are hoping to get the fix out tomorrow."

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