Red Post Collection: Experimental Manamune and Muramana changes coming to PBE, LoL Football Fan Art, and more!

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This evening's red post collection features ricklessabandon with context on his upcoming, experimental PBE changes for Manamune and Muramana, as well as a note upcoming Spellthief's Edge's tooltip and a wealth of LoL football fan art!
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Experimental Manamune & Muramana Changes headed to the PBE 

ricklessabandon has posted up a set of highly tentative and experimental changes for Manamune and Muramana that he'll be testing out on the PBE in the near future.
"hi friends~ 
i just submitted some changes to manamune/muramana for pbe coverage. feel free to leave questions, comments, etc about the changes and i'll go through them after the weekend. i'm especially looking for anything regarding how easy it is to understand the changes in their entirety. the tooltip wording is admittedly…in want of improvement, to say the least so i'm very interested in potentially misleading/confusing language. 
and maybe it goes without saying, but these are all experimental and therefore highly subject to change! things like tuning, damage type, costs, etc could all be completely different by the time this ships (if any of it even ships at all)
thanks in advance!

Frequently Asked Questions (last updated 2014.07.03 @ 15:05) 
Q) why? 
A) this turns out to be a fairly large question as there are a lot of reasons—the goal set for the changes hit a lot of things we're hoping to explore/accomplish. to get the gist of it out up front, we want to create/improve the build foundations for mana-based champions. not just current kits that we 'gate' with mana, but also for a future in which we want to make mana more enjoyable/exciting (instead of it being like rationing out money to purchase food, imagine it being more like how to spend tokens at an arcade). some champions do this well on their own, but since a champion's mana paradigm isn't necessarily consistent across all kits there's value in exploring systemic solutions to making mana much more interesting and meaningful. 
of course, the 'now' is super important, so we're doing this a piece at a time by exploring new ways to gain and spend mana in addition to your champion's kit (which should already have awesome things like jayce's shock blast through acceleration gate). the reason muramana is a candidate for this in addition to being a mana item is due to some issues with its current implementation (e.g., the item is most powerful when you don't spend mana, but the reason a champion buys this is because they have really good ways to spend mana and they want to do that!) and because the item could stand to have more synergy/scaling with other items given its identity as a 'late game' item. 
Q) which champions are intended to benefit from a change like this? 
A) champions that care about heavily scaling their basic attacks throughout the game, and can also do cool things with their own abilities when they get a lot of mana. more specifically, this would apply to ezreal, corki, sivir, irelia, jayce, kog'maw, et al. 
Q) what about current manamune/muramana users not in the above? 
A) champions that tend to buy only one or two offensive items, and/or rely very heavily on spells (in relation to their reliance on basic attacks) likely won't appreciate the attack speed and are more guarded about their mana usage. that leaves champions like urgot and yorick feeling a little awkward about the changes as a whole. that said, the build path change, extra attack damage, and new on-hit damage should theoretically help them out more over the course of the game than the muramana on live. as an urgot player that works next to a yorick player, this is definitely something we're watching. 
Q) what can apply the true damage? 
A) basic attacks, single-target spells that deal physical damage, and any other abilities that applies on-hit effects. this is more or less the same as live muramana, but notably excludes single-target spells that deal magic damage (e.g., ryze's overload or syndra's unleashed power). this is primarily a preventative measure to keep abuse cases (like adding 420 true damage to syndra's ult) from restricting the other tuning levers we want to use to make sure the item feels good on champions that should like buying muramana for everything it does. we know there are collateral effects to this (such as jayce's thundering blow no longer triggering the effect) so we'll be watching for data related to those specific cases to make sure things are still just fine for those cases. 
[updated] recipe :: Tear of the Goddess + Long Sword  + 1040g >>> Tear of the Goddess + Pickaxe + 625g
cost :: 2100 >>> 2200
attack damage :: 20 >>> 25 
attack damage :: 20 >>> 25
[added] passive :: gain 7-60 bonus true damage (on hit and on single-target physical damage spells) and 0-30% attack speed based on stacks of azure
0 azure: +7 true damage, +0% attack speed
1 azure: +15 true damage, +10% attack speed
2 azure: +30 true damage, +20% attack speed
3 azure: +60 true damage, +30% attack speed
[remade] active :: spend 150 mana to gain a stack of azure for 9 seconds (20 second cooldown). during those 9 seconds, muramana may be activated up to 2 more times to gain additional azure (still costs mana, doesn't extend the 9-second duration). 
edit: to clarify, the mana-to-ad conversion is unchanged!"
On Twitter, he also shared a screen shot of the updated Muramana:

Spellthief's Edge tooltip

In a reddit thread asking if the tooltip to Spellthief's Edge could be changed to something besides "Stolen" as it maybe confuse players that they are taking gold from another player instead of just earning extra gold, ricklessabandon commented:
"oh! i can do a quick fix for this. for context, the text you're referencing was from an old pre-season version of the text (the passive used to be called 'pickpocket' like the mastery). 
thanks for the heads up!"

Football Fan Art

Keeping up with community events, Rocket Baby Doll has posted up a ton of League of Legends fan art celebrating football and the recent "Beautiful Set" skins!
"A little while ago we asked you to create art that mixed your love of football with League of Legends, and you guys rose to the challenge. Now that you’ve had some time to send those creations our way, we wanted to highlight our favourite submissions, which you can view below. You shot, you scored. GOALLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!"
[ Credits: Huntermanx, HolyElfGirl, EPICbrother, Dragunnity, Wiggen, Moldavius, Noelle, Lioleia ]

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